How To Save A Marriage When Trust Is Gone: Rebuilding Trust In Marriage - Regaining Trust In Marriage (How To Heal A Marriage After Lies)

Relationship experts point out that the secret ingredient on how to build trust back in a relationship is for the couple to achieve stability. In recently reconciled partners, trust is very volatile since there can still be the "past cheating" air floating around. But if the couple aims not to build trust first but stability in the relationship, then the virtue of trust follows. Working on the six mainstays of a stable relationship creates a strong bond of trust between the couple.

The following are the six mainstays of a stable relationship. Achieving each of these in a gradual process will persuade trust back into one's relationship.

The Six Mainstays of a Healthy, Stable Relationship

1. Communication.

Talking with each other is an intimate gesture (aside from sex) that will hold the bond of two couples together. Being open, honest, and consistent in communicating with each other helps a lot in repairing gaps. On the other hand, do set parameters before any conversation as this will help in preventing "resolved" past issues from being dug up again in case the 'simple chat' becomes heated up.

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2. Consistency.

If the couple had just recovered from an issue of affair, it is quite difficult to establish a consistent pattern of talking and communicating with each other again. That is why each couple should make sure that they have a "chat time" with each other on a regular basis. This is an important aspect of learning how to build trust back in a relationship.

3. Resolving Conflict.

Conflicts can also be good; it is a sign that both the husband and the wife care about their relationship that they want to express their ideas. However, conflicts must be settled before it turns into major disagreements. When the tension heats up during a conflict, it is advisable for both parties to take a time out. RELAX, and get back to the discussion when they're both pacified.

4. A Healthy Sex-Life.

Sex is part of the couple's need for intimacy. After an infidelity issue, it is advisable for the couple to talk about sex and how they can both find out ways to satisfy each other in bed again.

5. Having Fun Together.

It is usually difficult for a couple to have fun together right after a recent affair because the feeling of being uncomfortable takes away the fun part in everything. This is normal, but the two must not wait too long. The couple must start having fun with each other: go to movies, take a new adventure, play games, etc. If one partner feels happy with the other, it can spark the good relationship back again and is an integral step when understanding how to build trust back in a relationship.

6. Integrity.

Integrity in this sense means that the couple must keep their commitment with each other intact, complete and undivided. Working on one's integrity is a gradual process, but as time passes, it becomes stronger and more stable.

Issues of trust have always been at the forefront of most couples relationships, especially if a recent affair had just wreaked the trust in a relationship apart. Building that trust back again is quite a challenge, but experts say, it's not that impossible. These six stability pillars can help establish the foundation of trust in a newly reconciled couple. Working hand in hand, and finding ways on how to build trust back in a relationship can help couples find their relationship on track again.

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If you are looking for answers on "how to save my marriage," follow these three simple tips to put you and your spouse back on track for a lifelong, loving relationship. Taking the time to save the relationship you have is far less costly, emotionally and financially, than building a new one - especially when so many couples really could stay together if they only had the right tools.

Marital problems are extremely unsettling. The feelings of unrest and insecurity that accompany the possibility of divorce follow you to your job, your outings with friends, and keep you awake at night. Soon, you're talking to your family and asking them for "help on how to save my marriage."

Your marital problems can certainly leave an impression on any children the two of you may have whether you try to keep them unaware of your marital problems or not. If you think your children are oblivious to the fact that you and your spouse are unhappy, think again. Remember that communication is not all verbal. Body language is a huge factor in how we communicate and how we pick up signals of the emotions and feelings of others. If you are concerned enough to be looking for information on "how to save my marriage", then chances are good your kids know something isn't right.

Sadly, most marriages could be saved but the tools necessary to do so aren't widely taught and certainly don't come naturally to most of us. In my opinion, the leading cause of divorce has nothing to do with money or infidelity and everything to do with misunderstanding.

These misunderstandings start early in the marriage. Let's use John and Jane Doe, happily married for one year and never far from each other except for work, as an example. They do everything together. One day, Jane wants to go to the mall and John decides he'd rather not. He's actually never enjoyed the mall as much as Jane but he's gone because he knew it made her happy. Jane knew that was the case but she took comfort in knowing that John would go to such lengths to show how much he cared.

When John suddenly changes direction, Jane interprets John's action as a change in his feelings for her. She becomes concerned that this is the first sign that their marriage isn't going to be as filled with happiness as she thought. She starts to doubt herself and John's love for her. She trudges off to the mall, dejected.

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John, on the other hand, simply felt so comfortable in his marriage that he was sure his wife would understand him not wanting to go to the mall. It had nothing to do with him not loving her anymore and everything to do with feeling they were close enough that he didn't need to spend every minute with her to prove it.

This becomes the first in a series of misunderstandings where one spouse or the other assigns reasons to the other spouse's behavior that are mostly inaccurate. Slowly, little cracks develop in the couple's security they once felt with each other.

How to Save My Marriage Step 1 - Stop fighting and start communicating. If the two of you have drifted into the habit of turning every discussion into an argument, change your tone. Do not let any hurtful words come out of your mouth. Do not use words as weapons. Verbal communication is a powerful tool and can either wreck a marriage or save it. Choose to use your words carefully. If you stop fighting, your spouse will generally follow your lead and also keep the conversation geared towards mature discussion

How to Save My Marriage Step 2 - Don't be afraid to admit you have problems. Most couples have problems at one time or another. You don't easily live with any one person for any length of time and not have some sort of clash. Understand that these differences are natural. Acknowledging them will help the two of you find solutions before the problems grow and sprout into a seemingly, insurmountable disaster. If only one spouse thinks there is a problem then there is a problem because you are certainly not on the same page. Don't try to convince your spouse they're wrong and that the marriage is fine. Instead, agree that if they believe something is wrong then you both need to work through it until it's resolved.

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One of the things about being married that is both positive and negative is the fact that the couple spends so much time together. Obviously you love your partner or you wouldn't have chosen to marry them initially. As the marriage grows and matures you may start feeling as though you two are just too close. When you come home from work and spend every evening and weekend together, it can become a bit suffocating. If you experience feelings like this it doesn't necessarily mean you don't love your partner. It just means you need a little space. There is absolutely nothing wrong with gaining a little room if you know how to do it so it doesn't dramatically impact your relationship in a negative way.

When you want to create a bit of space in your marriage you have to do it with a very balanced hand. If you suddenly pull back from your spouse without any explanation, they'll feel neglected and hurt. This will inevitably lead to friction between the two of you and possibly even an argument. You must first talk to your spouse about how deeply you value their partnership and how much they truly mean to you before you take some space for yourself. It's also important to stress the point that just because you need a little breathing room doesn't mean that you don't love them as much as you used to. Explain to your spouse that couples who have outside interests and passions often are the closest because they have more to share.

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It's also important that you talk with your spouse each and every day about what's going on in your life. If you decide the way to get the space you need is to take a weekend trip with friends, without your spouse, call home several times while you're away. Be open and honest with what you're doing. This is vitally important.

Encourage your spouse to find their own interests as well. If they gave up a hobby because they felt they needed to spend more time with the children, push them towards rediscovering it again. If they have been putting off going back to school to finish their degree, go get the application forms for them and help them complete and submit them. Show your partner that you're supportive every step of the way and ensure they understand that whatever else you two focus on in your own lives, it takes nothing away from your bond.

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Anyone who is trying to save a marriage knows exactly what you're feeling. You wake up each morning greeted with a sense of panic over the future of your relationship. You're scared that your spouse and you won't be able to overcome your problems and that you'll inevitably end up divorced and alone. It's natural for you to worry about the future if your marriage is rapidly unravelling. It cannot get better unless you do something to change things. If you ignore it, you will be facing a future without your spouse. Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to ensure your spouse and you get to a place where you can connect emotionally with one another again.

When you are trying to save a marriage you obviously must address the issue of communication in your relationship. When a couple stops talking to each other about what they're feeling and the state of their marriage, it's doomed. If you two have faced conflict in the past when you've attempted to talk about the important issues you're dealing with, you may have just given up trying to communicate at all. If that's the case, you have to be the one to change it immediately. You have to demonstrate to your partner that you can listen and learn without launching into battle mode with them. Both you and your spouse need to feel that you can talk openly and honestly about your feelings. If you can do that, you'll be well on your way to saving your marriage.

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You also must learn how to separate the relationship of co-parents with that of spouses. Your partnership as lovers and life partners can become shadowed by your duty as parents. We all want to be the best parents we possibly can but sometimes that comes at the cost of our connection with our spouse. You have to work at keeping that part of your marriage alive. Do that by planning time for just you and your spouse. If finances are a concern, you don't even have to venture out of the home. Arrange a babysitting trade-off with friends. You'll offer to take their children overnight one night a month and they'll return the favour. That will allow you and your spouse some uninterrupted, alone time for you two to reconnect on every level.

It takes work when you are trying to save a marriage but all the effort you put in is definitely worth the rewards. Never lose sight of how much you adore your spouse. If you remember to put them first and treat them just as you did on your wedding day, your relationship can definitely be rebuilt so it's stronger than ever.

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You're wondering how to save your marriage by yourself. You can feel your spouse slipping away from you and it's the last thing in the world you want. What you dream of is a close and bonded relationship in which you both find fulfillment. You can have that. Although ideally you and your partner would work together towards rebuilding the emotional bond in your relationship, you can do it alone. With the right approach you can help your spouse let go of any anger and resentment that may be brewing and guide them towards loving you as much as they did when you two first married.

Learning how to save your marriage yourself focuses on changing your spouse's feelings. If you two have discussed your marital issues at any length you know what your spouse is feeling and what has become an issue for them in the relationship. One of the problems that many married couples face is they don't ever master the art of communication. They are fine when they are discussing neutral issues like what to have for dinner or work. When it comes to anything of substance, such as raising children or handling finances, things get skewed.

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That's why you need to take the lead when it comes to establishing a new precedence for communication in your marriage. You have to show your spouse that you can be calm and understanding when you two discuss the important matters. Ask your partner what they feel in relation to your marriage right now. Listen intently and learn from it. Apologize to them if it becomes clear that you've done things to undermine the foundation of the marriage. Be open to the idea that you've made mistakes and vow not to make those same mistakes again.

Understanding how to save your marriage yourself also involves recognizing that your spouse needs your undivided attention sometimes. In many marriages, the couple starts to wear themselves thin because they have so much going on. They don't have any emotional or physical energy left for each other at the end of the day. That spells disaster for the marriage. Rearrange your schedule so your spouse becomes your main priority. Make them feel that without reservation. If your spouse knows that you're putting in a valiant effort to save your marriage, they'll be touched. Your new attitude and attentiveness will go a long way towards setting the wheels in motion to get the relationship back where it needs and should be.

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