How To Save My Marriage When She Doesn't Want To: My Wife Wants A Divorce And I Don't

Fewer situations in life are more painful than facing a divorce. Double that pain if your wife wants a divorce and you don't. You may be surprised to learn though, that you can still save your marriage even if she says she doesn't love you. All it takes is strong desire and a willingness to take action! Are you ready to get started?

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Let me start off by telling you that you are not alone. Millions of people have found themselves in the exact same position as you, including me! A few years ago my wife told me that our marriage was over, that she didn't love me and that she wanted a divorce. After making a bunch of desperation moves that actually made the problem worse and drove her further away, I finally realized that time was not on my side!

That is what you need to recognize as well; time is critical and the things you do and say over the next few days and weeks will be very important. You really can't afford any screw ups. You need to buy some time and allow for cooler heads to prevail. There is a powerful action plan available to you that works nearly EVERY TIME. You simply need to remain CALM, COOL & FOCUSED!

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The first step to fix a marriage in trouble is to admit to yourself and to your spouse that your marriage is having problems. You would be surprised by the number of people who are afraid to admit their marriage has problems. Even though it may be difficult to admit the obvious, it is important to do so or else the problems in your marriage will just get worse over time.

The first step opens up the line of communication and once you both have put the problems your marriage is having in the open it's time to discuss them. Sitting down and discussing your problems is the second step, and if the discussion gets heated you should avoid a fight by ending the discussion and returning when you're calmer.

The goal of your discussion is to find the core of your marriage problems. When you have this talk with your spouse about the problems in your marriage you shouldn't put your spouse on the defensive. Instead, you want your spouse to feel like you understand them and can relate to their feelings.

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An important tip to fix a marriage in trouble is to compromise with each other instead of arguing and disagreeing all the time. Both you and your spouse are losing when you argue since it will increase your chances to have another argument in the future.

In order to fix a marriage in trouble it is necessary for the husband and wife to spend more time together. Try to include your spouse in the things you do to enjoy life and don't leave them out. Including your spouse in the activities you take part in is one of the best ways to progress your marriage into better things.

This tip is probably the most important tip when your trying to fix a marriage in trouble. You must approach your troubled marriage with a positive attitude. This is very important, because fixing a marriage in trouble will take some effort but it depends on how you approach it. Be careful and don't approach things in a negative way or else you may push your spouse further away from you.

If you are truly ready to fix a marriage in trouble then you must understand what's causing your marriage to struggle. With the right strategy and determination you can turn your marriage around for the better.

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You are not alone if you are currently going through some marital problems. Saving a troubled marriage can be frustrating when you are laying awake every night worried about if your struggling marriage will survive or not.

If you find yourself going through an emotional roller coaster you have to take immediate action to bring your relationship with your spouse back on good grounds. Take a look at 4 tips for saving a marriage experiencing marital problems.

Build trust and respect: Building trust and respect is an important part of the success of your marriage. If your marriage has trust issues then it is a miracle if your marriage isn't failing. Building respect and trust in your marriage will take time, especially when your trying to regain the trust and respect you once had in your marriage. The best way to implement these key elements into your marriage is to develop a pattern and be patient.

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Bring happiness to your marriage by becoming a better spouse: When you are trying to turn your marriage around for the better you must start by trying to make yourself better. When you focus on becoming a better spouse your spouse will take notice and want to be better for you. This is one of the important tips for saving a marriage since it will help bring happiness back into your marriage.

Leave your pride at the door & compromise: You must learn to compromise if you want to save your marriage. Most people allow their pride to keep them from compromising with their spouse. Compromising is well worth it since it can turn your marriage around for the better.

Make time for each other: You and your spouse should make an effort to make time for each other for at least one day out the week. Don't watch the television and forget any other activities that will distract you from spending time with each other to catch up. You need this quality time together to give your marriage the nurturing it needs, and to also develop stronger communicating and listening skills.

These tips for saving a marriage are not difficult to follow. If it were difficult then everybody in a failing marriage would be in trouble.

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An affair can easily damage your marriage and ruin your life if you let it. However, an affair cannot compete with love, and as long as there is still love you can resolve this issue with time.

Both men and women cheat and the reasons will vary. You might think the affair took place because your cheating spouse found someone else more physically attractive. However, most of the time it's deeper than just physical attraction, and it might be due to the needs or emotional issues of your cheating spouse.

Regardless of the reason you must learn how to fix your marriage before the affair ruins your marriage. If you want to learn how to fix a marriage after an affair took place these are the steps you need to take.

The first step is the most important step, and it is to put an end to the affair for good. It is impossible to fix a marriage after an affair if the cheating spouse doesn't stop seeing the other person.

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This may involve your cheating spouse getting another job or the two of you moving. If your spouse is still in contact with the other person then there is a high chance the two of them will resume the affair in the future.

It is rare when an affair just happens, and there is usually an underlying problem in the marriage that needs to be addressed. The only way you can do this is through the next step which is communicating. Many times even the spouse that cheated may not know why they cheated until they talk about it.

Communicating with each other is the beginning phase of fixing a marriage after an affair. Also, counseling can also help by allowing both spouses to process their thoughts and feelings, which can be a difficult process.

The next step is to allow some time to heal from the affair. There will be a grieving process and it will not come and go overnight. It is not uncommon for a marriage to not be the same as it was before the affair. You should expect difficult times as your marriage recovers from the affair.

Finally, when you wan to know how to fix a marriage after an affair took place, you must learn how to forgive. Forgiving after an affair took place is not easy but it is an important step. Trust does take time, but in order to move pass the affair you must forgive and bring healing to the marriage.

Also, don't feel guilty if you can forgive your cheating spouse but you can't forget. The truth is, you may never be able to forget, but you can still move on and have a fulfilling relationship.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.


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