How To Stop My Wife From Leaving: How To Convince Your Wife To Stay With You

Your wife wants out and you do not know what to do, obviously you still care for her or you would not be asking this question. You are determined to save your marriage, but are lost as to what should you rightly do. Read on to find out what you should you learn to make her stay and give you another chance.

Find the real reason/s for her to take this step
Firstly, you have to find out what has led her to make this decision. Is it your unconcern, are you unfaithful, is she angry at things you did or did not do; try to figure out the reasons. All out effort on your part to understand why she wants out is utmost important to mend the relationship.

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Understand her point of view
For woman emotions and feeling count a lot; and many times a woman may think of leaving because her emotional needs are not met. She may feel she is not being appreciated, this happens when work, children, friends all take priority and your relationship with your wife suffers.

Give her your time and attention
You have to make time for your relationship if the above point is true. Make effort to show your appreciation and that how much you value her in your life. Let her know what qualities you admire in her, your sustained efforts in this direction will make her see your commitment to her and that you still care for her.

Work on your relationship
Make some sacrifices if you want to make marriage your priority. Arrange to spend more time with your wife to learn why she is not satisfied or what is not working for her. Do not stick to your stand, and encourage her to talk freely about the issues that need to be addressed. Show her that you are willing to do things to make her happy and emotionally content.

Be open to changes
If you want to make your marriage work, there will be things you need to change to bring about possible solutions and if it needs some adjustments and compromise, do so for your wife. Show her the respect she deserves and sort out the issues amicably without raising tempers.

Ask your trusted friends for help
You can involve your friends whom you can trust to offer an objective advice and who wish for your well-being. Friends who can counsel your wife to stick it out and give your marriage a second chance.

Take professional help
As a last resort you can see a marriage counselor who can make your wife see that things are not so bad and that it is wise to stay in the marriage for the betterment of the family.

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A situation like this is very popular in a marital union especially among young newly weds. Often times, it is the wife who feels more and more out of love yet she is quite inclined to make the marriage work. This situation also occur even when from an outside perspective the marriage is devoid of any major marital vice that would make a spouse to opt to end the union. Another characteristic of this situation is that at least one spouse or even the both of them are somewhat convinced that the union will not work but yet feel very guilty about filing a divorce.

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Well, the major cause of this situation is that the couples have failed to capture or realize the true meaning of been married in the real world. They still hold on to the juvenile expectations of what love is and what it is supposed to be, which is futile. Of course, your married life can never be exactly what you have always fantasized it to be while growing up, most especially if you have decided you need a miracle rather than working on your marriage. There is no guarantee what so ever that the next guy that you would hook up with will be better than your current spouse. So what you should do in this case is to accommodate your spouse's shortcomings while he would in return accommodate your own shortcomings.

The truth is that a situation like this is very easily solvable, it is not nearly as complicated as many other marital problems which have been solved successfully by many other couples. For the mere fact that something struck up between both of you in the first place to prompt you to get married, then both of you can genuinely work together to reignite that passion again.

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Marital problems come in different forms, sizes and intensity. Falling out of love with your spouse is certainly one of the various forms of problems that a couple can face in their marriage. In fact, the occurrence of this problem is almost always as a result of one marital vice or the other or even as a result of the combination of two or more marital vices. The truth is that falling out of love with your spouse is a gradual process which if not properly addressed will ultimately lead to the total collapse of your marital union. In reality, there is no such strategy or method that can be used to directly make your spouse to fall back in love with you.

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Well, you can indeed get your spouse to fall back in love with you but it would involve a lot of hard work. First and foremost, you must take some time out to seriously reflect on the events of the past and also to identify the possible causes of your present marital predicament. Failure to do this means that whatever solution you find to fall back in love with your spouse will be temporary because the underlying cause or causes of the problem still lingers and could still surface anytime it wishes to.

However, in order to successfully fall back in love with your spouse and also to remain in love with your spouse, you have to effectively and singularly resolve all other marital vices that may have one way or the other contributed to this out of love state. In order to effectively achieve these goals, I would urge you to enlist the help of a renowned marriage problem resolution counselor. To appropriately do this, you should seek the help from any of the seasoned marital problem resolution specialists online. The online option is by far cheaper, more convenient and of course more effective.

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A marriage that ends up in a divorce is mostly not caused by one incident; it is usually as a result of the accumulation of several minor and major unresolved marital disputes. If these minor and major marital disagreements had been effectively taken care of when they occurred, then that destroyed marital union would not have hit the rocks. There are certain lethal habits that you have to avoid in order to keep your union intact, some of these lethal habits may seem very inconsequential but before you know it, there accumulation would take a huge toll on your union. Let us take a look at some of this lethal habits that you must avoid in order not destroy your marriage.

1. Nagging And Easily Picking Up A Fight

Nagging and easily picking up a fight with your spouse can be said to be the number habit that destroys the harmony of a union. It may appear inconsequential at first but before you realize its dangers, it must have eating deeply into your marital relationship. You have to learn when to let go, do not forget that a winner knows when to stop.

2. Egoism

In a marital union, you and your spouse are supposed to be one and equal. A union with a spouse who is egoistic is like a time bomb waiting to explode. Barring your educational background, financial status, career achievement, societal recognition and all such personal accolades, it is very important that you respect your spouse's opinion because without mutual respect existing in a union, that union would surely collapse in due course and all the above mentioned personal accolades will certainly count for nothing.

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3. Accommodation Of Short Comings

You should realize that there is no such thing as a perfect human being or a perfect marriage at that, therefore you should strive to make your marriage to be as near perfect as it can be. You should be able to accommodate your spouse's short comings while also trying your best to correct the ones that are correctable. Why would you allow a short coming which you knew very well that your spouse had before tying the knot to break your marriage, if you did not think you can live with that then you should not have gotten married to her or him in the first place. When considering your spouse's short comings, bear in mind that you also have certain short comings that your spouse is trying to accommodate.

The above and many more are some of the lethal marital mistakes that you should avoid so as to sustain your marriage. It is never late to save a marriage that is in distress, there are couples who have successfully saved their marriages even after one party had filed for a divorce. Therefore, no matter the problems that you are currently facing in your union, I just want you to know that many couples whose cases were worse than your own have successfully come out of it and are today leading a married life that they could only have dreamt of. Your case should not be any different.

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