Most authors know if they are serious about positioning their books in the marketplace they need to have them posted on Amazon. In order to get the most opportunity from Amazon you need to optimize your page.

Some of the essentials are a detailed book description, ISBN number, page count, cover image, look inside feature and reviews.

You have control over submitting most of the information but you don’t always have control over how many, if any, reviews you receive. However, there are a few simple ways to boost your reviews.

• When a reader tells you they enjoyed your book ask them if they would post a review on Amazon.
• Ask colleagues, clients and friends to read the book and do a review.
• Search out books of a similar genre and read the reviews for these books. Contact the reviewers to see if they will review your book.
There’s a good chance that if someone enjoyed other books of the same genre they will enjoy your book.

Although this does take time to do it right it’s worth it. Imagine getting dozens of reviews for your book. Think of the credibility this will give you and your book.

To make this a smooth process commit to attempting to obtain at least two book reviews a week. This is enough to make a difference but not so many that it will be overwhelming.

It’s likely once you begin you will find it to be easier than you thought. And the easier it is the more action you will take.

Begin today to get your first, or next, review.

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