120313_See_Perfection_1Insight One

If you were willing to see that your very own thinking causes your glorious and your miserable experiences of life; if you were willing to accept that you are the originator, the cause of the kind of life you live – this is the beginning of the end of thinking that there’s imperfections in life that have nothing to do with you.

When you meet with the self, - purified - and see the entirety of your unfolding life a consequence of your radiating energy, then you begin to see that if you allow your energy to remain pure, your life will flow easily and without strain. Nothing other than your own notions of inadequacy or unworthiness pollutes the purity of your radiating energy.

120313_See_Perfection_2Practical Suggestion

Admit the fact that life is fun, and when it’s not fun it’s because you’re not fun. Lighten up. Sadness and badness is madness. You bring that on, not life. Admit that to yourself when it’s happening. See the perfection: Now make a 180.

Insight Two

120313_See_Perfection_3A hungry, lost explorer is trying to find his way out of the thicket of the jungle, and find his way back to the ocean shore, where his boat is moored. The howling sounds of jungle animals make it difficult to hear the splashing of the waves on the shore. He patiently listens alertly, and a moment comes when the howling ceases, and he hears the distant waves. He knows he’s headed in the right direction.

When your mind is howling with frantic wails of NO and WOE, and when you are seeking the strain-relieving attitude of WOW, know that you are caught in a mental jungle. But there is a way out. Be patient and listen deep within – the still guiding voice is trying to reach you. Remain vigilant to the faint sound of inner guidance, and a moment will come when the howling mind will cease and you’ll know that you are headed in the right direction.


120313_See_Perfection_4Practical Suggestion

Your conditioned mind, with its wailing WOES, has no answers. Consider that conditioned mind the jungle that you don’t want to get lost in. See by observation that this is the truth, and then go silent, go deep – listen for that voice that offers inspiring suggestions. See the perfection: The jungle or freedom – anyone can awaken to his natural freedom and peace.

Insight Three

120313_See_Perfection_5The greater you are from life-expanding truths, the more indifferent you are to them. The closer you are to life-expanding truths, the quicker you open your mind to them. This is a perfect explanation of why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Those who are rich with curiosity, quickly coddle up to life-expanding truth, and are enriched with each truth – each offering greater freedom to live their aspirations and achieve their dreams. Those who spend their time wailing WOE, distance themselves from life-expanding truths, are indifferent to them when they come a-knocking, and find themselves living shallow, poor lives of quiet desperation.

As your confidence in the truth increases, your search becomes more and more exciting. You become eager to receive more and more of the enriching truth about life, about you, about the world in which you live. Even bitter experiences become sweet - through curiosity.


120313_See_Perfection_6Practical Suggestion

If your usual attempts to find the truth come up empty, don’t be discouraged. You are born to win. The truth always helps you to win. You must realize that the way to the truth lies in asking entirely new questions; questions that are refreshing. “We are surrounded by a rich and fertile mystery. May we not probe it, pry into it, employ ourselves about it, a little?” - Henry David Thoreau. See the perfection: Probe a little more; pry a little deeper; employ yourself about it.

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