Does Your Pet Reflect Your Personality Type?
Has Your Pet Conformed to Your Personality Type?

This discussion always begins with which came first, the chicken or the egg. Many studies have been done on what motivates a person to select the type of pet, the breed, the species beyond practical considerations of space in their home.

It is possible that you feel your selection of pet was subconscious…but in the end it is likely you will have chosen a pet that reflects your personality and character traits, even taking into consideration that the pet will adopt some of your habits through the years.

Dr. Sam Gosling has conducted studies that determined the personality of the pets was not only what their owners projected on them, but they had specific personality traits that were identifiable and could determine whether a dog and their owner were compatible. Dr. Gosling is the Director of the Human and Personality Lab at the University of Texas that conducted an extensive online survey of 4500 people targeted to predict the match of humans and dogs found in animal shelters.

This ties in with the 7 basic Personality Types. We are programmed to select a pet and breed based on the type we best fit. To Determine your personality type go to

The survey also asked the participants to identify themselves as dog people (46%) or cat people (15%). (28%) were both. Interestingly, and not in keeping with the common perception, dog or cat people are radically different in personality traits, the study seemed to indicate that there was not a radical difference.

The Kennel Club conducted a similar survey based on the 5 personality traits of : openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism (measure of anxiety). They then took it one step farther and split the dogs into breeds commonly classified by them within their categories. Their study resulted in correlations between the type of dog and the owner’s personality. The conclusion was that owners of gun dogs, labs. retrievers and toy dogs were the most agreeable, the most emotionally stable people owned hounds, beagles and Retrievers and the toy dog owners were the most “imaginative”. The findings in general were that dog owners gravitate naturally to dogs breeds that fit not only their lifestyle, but their personalities. A researcher and psychologist at Bath Spa University in the United Kingdom, Lance Workman, in an interview with LiveScience concurred. He collaborated with the Kennel Club and is developing a data- based method for prospective dog owners to select a breed. Workman (Like Dog Like Owner:See What Your Dog Says About You) proposes that a survey should be created allowing prospective dog owners to they answer questions about their preferences resulting in better matches and fewer dogs would be sent back to the pound. This concept would also apply to breeds of cats as they do indeed differ widely.

For instance:

are most likely to choose a dog that is a hunting dog…a Lab, Golden Retriever, possibly a Dalmation as well as English Springer Spaniels. Foxhounds, Irish Setters, Portuguese Water Dogs, Pointers. Jupiterians may include cats in the mix of family pets enjoying American Wirehairs, Balinese, Maine Coons, Siberians and other elegant yet friendly breeds.

would prefer a quiet low- maintenance dog or a Siamese, Exotic Shorthair or Bombay cat that displays the independent character traits matching their need for solitude. Walking a dog would be annoying to this type. A possibility would be a Basset Hound. Actually they may also investigate owning an exotic pet or birds.

like the more protective and energetic breeds such as Bulldogs, Australian Cattle Dogs, Bullmastiffs, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Pugs, and Terriers, Malmutes. Sibernian Huskys, and Chows, maybe a Dachsund. They invest time in training their dog and enjoy the loyalty of their companion.

love most all animals, even Mutts, any Gentle and family and kid friendly breed or playful and energetic dog. Some of their favorites would be Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Old English Sheepdogs, Airdale Terriers, Beagles, Bernese Mountain Dogs and most any Spaniel. These breeds are loving, bold and alert and love exercise suitable to the active lifestyle. Generally the Venusians also have Gerbils, Cats and wide variety of other furry friends in their home.

prefer elegant “show dogs”. They would tend to lavish attention on their pet. Securing a regular appointment as the best Doggie Spa. Afghans, Whippets, Great Pyrenees, Lhasa Apso, Maletese, Full size Poodle, Wheaten Terriers, Dalmations, Samoyed and the more exotic and rarely seen breeds such as the Italian Greyhound would be their choice. No mixed breeds would be a consideration for them. They would indeed be inclined to have an unusual cat such as a Himalayan, Egyptian Mau, Angoras or Persians.

prefer the smaller more compact breeds. They favor Bichon Frises, Carin Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Chicuahua, Papillon, Pekingnese, Pomeranians, Shih Tzus and Toy Poodles. These dogs are loving companions, do not require great space in the home, are bright, loyal and intelligent and excel in obedience commands. Perfect for the meticulous, adroit and orderly Mercurian personality. These are portable dogs that can be easily taken on trips and match the active lifestyle of the Mercurians. They do not commonly have cats as pets and would instead prefer birds.

They are likely to be multiple cat owners. Lunarians are not particularly active or physical and live on a mental plane. Having a dog would mean the routine of exercise and tending to walking the dog. Not something high on their “to do” list. They are restless and also prefer to travel. Lunarians would have difficulty being free to do so when committed to caretaking a dog nor do they require the affection or companionship that would accompany owning one. A Shar-Pei would be a perfect selection and the first choice, Cavlier King Charles or perhaps as Cocker Spaniel, Bichon Frise, even a Pug would suit them best. Most Terriers would be too noisy for them. But to conclude, they are really in the end cat people, a Balinese, Himalayan, Maine Coon or Rag Doll would be ideal!

It appears conclusive that there is definitely a “best match” of owners
to the breed of pet they select based on both
the personality of the individual and that of the animal. It’s in the DNA.

To read more about your personality type and the perfect pet for you:

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