Hookah preparation can be a nightmare for beginners, actually more intimidating than it needs to be. Hookah lovers which are beginners worry about wrong things that embarrass them and accidentally make a bad scene. But the fact is they just need a proper guide to prepare and hookah to avoid the embarrassment.

Hookah Flavors

Choosing your Hookah flavor

The first thing you need to choose is the flavor of Hookah. Shisha is tobacco that is used in hookah to smoke. Shisha is made of molasses, glycerine, flavoring such as fruit juices and syrups, and of course chopped tobacco. Shisha is available in hundreds of different flavors and can only be smoked through a hookah. Choosing the best shisha flavor can be stressful for some beginners. However, you will need to try it one by one to get your best and favorite flavor. In beginning, you will need to keep things simple. After knowing all the tastes, you can mix different flavors to create the ultimate combination.

Setting up your hookah

If you are going to smoke in Hookah Café, then you don’t need to worry about the adjustments. They will prepare it pretty well.

However, if you are preparing at home, you will need to do some adjustments to enhance to feeling high. First of all, you will need to put some water in your hookah base. You can use ice-cold water to enhance the experience. Fill the water into the base, until the piece of stem that enters the base is about half to an inch dipped into the water. Doing this will give you the coolest possible smoke.

Using Hookah Filters

If you are a beginner, then your throat isn’t used to the smoke and nicotine that you get from the shisha. The best thing to do is to use hookah filters. These are used to filter the harmful components of tobacco. This will also help you to remove toxins that are released from burning coal.

Heating your Coal

The final step is to ready your coal. You will need to red-hot your coal for a better smoke. Eventually, there are two types of coal that can be used in hookah, natural coal, and instant-light coal.

Naturally dried coal is made of coconut husk. You will need the heat to burn them with a gas stove, lighter, or hot plate. You will need to heat them few minutes to be enlightened well. While quick-light coal is also made of dried coconut husk and also coated with a chemical accelerant which makes them easier to light. For better taste and experience we always recommend using naturally dried coal.

Smoking from Hookah

When your coals are grey all around, then they are ready to be used. Now you are ready to draw your first smoke cloud. All you need to do this to place colas on the top of the foil, now suck through your hookah hose. For the first few tries, you might not get the desired smoke, because hookah is still getting ready. Now, simply breathe in through your hose, hold it in your lungs, and breath out. For beginners, we recommend you to start with small puffs to avoid coughing since your throat is not used to nicotine and smoke.

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