The world is advancing towards the production of a lot of fake things for example leather. The world calls it production improvement. But thanks to this the fake designer clothing is selling like hotcakes. The reason is simple; it has become difficult for people to spot fake.

So, if you just want to enjoy something that is not what it looks like, then you can enjoy this so-called production improvement. However, if you want to make sure that you are not purchasing low-quality Replica designer shoes. Then we have prepared a guide for you to spot the fake leather.

Check the label

Well checking the original leather is very easy. All you have to do is look for a stamp that says 100% real leather. Or it would be saying full/top grain leather, not only but also genuine leather. If you spot any of these, then it shows that you are moving in the right direction. The real leather speaks for itself.

If the leather that you are purchasing says man-made material then most probably it is made from polyvinyl chloride. However, if nothing about the origin of leather is mentioned then it is most probable made from PVC or some other synthetic material. The real leather proudly presents itself. Moreover, you should always check the price tag. Real leather is always expensive than fake.

Look up close

Another way of checking the real leather is looking up close. The real leather is made from animal skin. So, it means that no matter what you do it will always have some blemishes or imperfections. It is a natural thing for anything that is made from natural material. Contrarily the surface of fake leather is perfectly uniform.

The fake pattern has been prepared by applying a grain pattern to a flexible polyvinyl chloride surface. So, any regular or even texture that you see in the market is prepared by machines. Only the machines can produce such a texture. Moreover, this technique has been adopted by fake designer shoe manufacturers. Thanks to this their products feel better than originals.

Touch it

Just as we have already said that real leather is prepared from animal skin. So, it is also natural stuff. So, when you will move your fingers through the leather, it would not feel uniform and smooth. Moreover, if you press your fingers into the leather then the surface will stretch and wrinkle. In short, it would act as natural skin.

On the other side, the fake leather feels cold and unnaturally even. Additionally, if you press the leather then it would start depressing under your finger. It wouldn’t act like animal skin. It wouldn’t wrinkle or stretch. No matter, how much you press it, it would retain its original shape.

Smell it

If you have ever smelled original leather then you know that it has a very distinctive smell. You know that the real leather feels natural, organic, and has a skin scent. This is a smell that is only linked to original leather. No matter how much the Replica designer clothing brands try, they will never be able to produce this scent through machinery.

Contrary to it there is no special scent that can be associated with the fake leather. The basic reason being, that it is produced by different industries using different materials and chemicals. So no smell can be associated with it. However, it still smells like plastic. So, if you smell a product and it smells like plastic or gives a chemical odor then rest assured that it is synthetic.

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