Perhaps you noticed that I didn’t joined “The sky is falling!” crowd worried about fallout from Japan’s triple disasters.

You know, like the warnings to start gobbling down potassium iodide by the handful. Well, actually, while iodide’s great stuff, potassium iodide is a kinda cheap form of it, and getting too much can backfire on your thyroid–among other body parts. Cheap never pays off.

And taking action only after disaster strikes, while better than nothing I guess, doesn’t really get the job done. Nutritional supplements don’t play a very good game of catch-up.

Here’s the deal. Prescription meds storm into your body and start breaking the furniture. They get things done quickly, if not well.

Nutritional supplements, on the other hand, ease into your cells and offer their assistance. They don’t storm the doors. They don’t take over. They only offer to help your body heal itself.

Now the fact is, your body wants to be well. If you take away the toxins that do it in and give it the support your cells need, great things happen. Just not overnight.

It takes a while to build a solid vitamin/mineral program, then a while longer for everything to ramp up to full speed. It’s common for vitamins and minerals to take up to six months to reach their potential.

Sure, you’ll see signs of life as you go along, but the real power and glory bloom when you’ve been at it long enough to have rejuvenated cells. Some problems, such as a damaged small intestine–which accompanies adrenal problems–take months to get out of repair mode.

So I believe in always being armed and dangerous, planning ahead to stay healthy. When viruses, bacteria, radiation, whatever show up at my front door, they’re going to have a fight on their hands because I keep my body ready to rumble.

For instance, I haven’t had a cold or the flu for years. And I sure don’t get flu shots. Five consecutive years of flu shots would double my chances of dementia, so I don’t go there.

I do take a lot of vitamins and minerals, though. All my years of endocrine problems without medical help seems to have left me with absorption problems, and I have to take extra so my body can wring out all it needs. A small price for the big payback I get.

It’s not about living forever. Death will take me to a better place, so when it’s time, it’s time.

It’s about two things. First, I don’t want my life to resemble scenes from Night of the Living Dead. I already spent time there before I figured out how to get out of the ditch, and I have zero interest in going back to those bad old days.

Second, whatever comes my way, I want to be at peace knowing I did all I could do to be able to handle everything I have to handle. No regrets. No ‘if onlys.’

I may not be thrilled with everything that shows up, but I will not be afraid.

I call it my “Oh, yeah!” attitude, and I recommend it to you.

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Bette Dowdell has studied how the body works–or doesn’t–for years to dig herself out of the ditch of endocrine problems when doctors didn’t help so much. Now she offers an e-zine to share her knowledge with you–what’s good, what’s bad and what’s the difference. Subscribe to her free weekly e-zine at You’ll get a list of the endocrine symptoms she talks about and start discovering how to get your energy and enthusiasm back.