Your shoes or footwear are hard-working accessories that need proper attention while storing. Also, they are not cheap so you can replace it after a few days. Knowing the right way to store your shoes is effective in preserving your shoe life and saving money too. It would be best if you kept your shoes in shape, clean and dry form so that you can use it again without any problem.

You can make use of the shoe tree for storing your shoes properly. It will give you the convenience that you can wear it again without wasting time. Presence of humidity and aridity affects the quality of your shoes. Sometimes the folds and creases that naturally occur in the shoes get converted into permanent deformation. Time by time they become stiff, and you will not be able to change your shoes' crease. For the small time storage, you can simply use the shoe tree that will keep your shoes in the actual form. You should not throw your shoes in a pile after use. It will degrade the quality of your shoes.

You can make use of acid-free paper to maintain the moisture level of your shoes. Some individuals use the newspaper for storing their boots for a long duration. Instead of that, you can use the acid-free paper. These papers help in saving the metal buckles and delicate sequins from scratches.

Before storing your shoes, you should clean them properly. Also if you have leather shoes, then you should apply the leather conditioner to them. You can fill your shoes with the muslin paper before storage so that it remains moist free.

Most of us get confused about what will be the right place to store the shoes, and to some extent, the answer can be the shoe organizer. You can place your shoes in the shoe organizer so that you can get them easily as per the occasion. The shoe organizer comes in wire racks to boxes to custom cabinets. You can choose as per your preference. Keep the shoes in an open condition so that the fabric can breathe well. You should consider keeping the footwear in the climate-controlled environment.

Placing the shoes in such an environment is effective in protecting your shoes with extreme humidity and temperature. Otherwise, your shoes will become brittle, weaken fabrics and cause glues to loosen. If you leave your flats in a harsh environment, then it will become unusable within some time.

We hope that this storage guide will help you to some extent. Depending upon the type of shoes, you should offer the right storage to them. If your previous footwear is not in good condition, you can buy a new one from FLAT PLAT. We have a wide collection of flats that you will love. FLAT PLAT does not compromise with the quality of the product while providing the style and design. You will get stylish and comfortable flats with us. You will get the flats at the most reasonable price and of your correct size.

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