If you're a genuine tennis player you would hate the lobber, just like “"Roger Federer”. The lob is the most hated shot in tennis but also an easy technique to disrupt the flow of your game & keep you away from the net position, today I will tell you how to survive tennis lobs with your partner.

You start a game by serving the ball & your opponent lobs it over your head, you put your racquet up to intercept the ball but it's already way out of your reach. Your partner also tries to intercept but the ball bounces off the middle court & goes over your partner's head at baseline. It's warmup so you ignore the lob but your opponent doesn't seem to care. After a volley of lobs, you & your partner are losing & the opponent is racking up their stats.

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How To Reply A Lob
Now if you have a habit of heading for the baseline every time a lob is hit then don’t wonder why you're victimized by these lobs. Lobs are an amazing technique to disrupt the bond between your partner & getting rid of your presence on the net.

Now when a lob is hit by your opponent your team has a couple of options on how to tackle the incoming lob.

1. Consider yourself & your partner in one-up one-back formation while you are at the net. Now your opponent hits a lob in your direction, who should cover it, your partner at the baseline or you…? You should by turning around while keeping the sense of the ball & hit a strong overhead or a high-five shot to your opponent’s baseline. This is essentially a defensive shot but it allows you to retain control of the net.

2. The first reaction of the player being lobbed at the net should be to turn & move back while keeping the ball in sight & return the lob with an overhead strike. Use your racquet as if you're punching the ball across the court. All of this should be done while communicating with your partner efficiently in terms like “switch!”, “mine!” & “yours!”.

3. Now if you're at the left side (ad side) of the court, make your partner cover the lob for you & don’t leave the advantageous position. Cover your partner’s position by moving a little to the center of the court. Your partner should do a semi-circle to get behind the ball & hit a crosscourt defensive lob. Now if your partner was able to hit a good lob, you can start playing aggressively

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