Teaching children at home is a full-time commitment for the entire family but it doesn’t mean that working parents have to give up their job or become expert teachers to get their kids through each grade as many families learned over the past few months. In fact, the easiest solution is to find the best online homeschool curriculum and get your child(ren) enrolled as soon as possible. During the quarantine phases, families were required to utilize their school’s solution for finishing the school year at home, but with the completion of the year, parents can find an accredited institution that works better and meets national standards.

The first step is to search for reputable online programs that have a few key features such as accreditation, covers all grades including kindergarten, flexibility in teaching and format options (print vs online) and provides a quality education to every graduate. These characteristics are important because they ensure your child will have a solid foundation, reliable transcripts and classes that will be accepted by any college they want to attend in the country.
Younger students are encouraged to use the print curriculum, but the top homeschool platforms allow for transition to online starting around 3rd grade with the option for full or part-time teaching by professional instructors. The benefit of looking and planning ahead of the next year is that parents can find a program that works for each of their children, the budget and their home environment.

There are several reasons that families are more open to homeschooling post COVID-19 and are looking to take advantage of the best online homeschool curriculum. First, they are concerned about sending their children into the public-school system where they do not have control of hygiene practices and uncertain levels of exposure and risk.
This is an unprecedented situation and schools are still trying to determine the best course of action to keep everyone safe, but families with high risk children, elderly parents living at home and other factors may not feel comfortable sending their kids back at all in the near future. Second, families found that they could make it work with having children at home because their work environment adapted to the situation so the entire family found a way to work together. This created new opportunities for closer relationships, more communication and increased time spent together that parents do not want to give up even when schools are back open for the new academic year.

From a student perspective, the ability to complete work at their own pace instead of being confined to a rigid schedule gave students more confidence in what they could accomplish and a preference for this format. Students of all ages were given the opportunity through this experience to take control of their education, experience long-distance learning with video meetings and a self-governance where they could work at their own pace throughout the week.
Middle and high school students especially found they had more time for other activities and balancing their hobbies, friends and even jobs better with an online homeschool solution instead of having to align with a period or block schedule.

Even as some parents are headed back to work in their offices, students are looking to transition to the best online homeschool curriculum where they are connected to certified teachers, an easy-to-use portal and a personalized schedule they create each day to get work accomplished. Establishing a new routine is easy with the many resources available online, with local homeschool groups and reading information from parents who have been involved in this form for a long time. The costs are affordable for all families with scholarships and financial aid available depending on the school program, access to Honors and AP courses, NCAA-approved classes for athletes and the chance to become more comfortable with online learning which is growing in popularity at the college level.

COVID-19 is not a situation that anyone expected or wants to see continue, but from this event, many families have found a new form of education that is beneficial, cost-effective, can be used by all ages and is established/recognized nationally. It also gives them peace of mind that they can keep their children safe by keeping them at home but without damaging their ability to continue their education and move forward on their selected path. If this describes your family, take time to research the best online homeschool curriculum available through the Internet to find an accredited program that aligns with your family’s beliefs, provides quality courses that will challenge the student and education tracks that give your child the foundation they need to pursue their dreams and goals. The top accredited institutions have the framework in place with established foundations and a chance for students to enroll now for the upcoming year.

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