For teachers, it is always a challenge to teach grammar to the students irrespective of how knowledgeable they’re. They have to be spot in & precise with the rules & guidelines because any inaccuracy will weaken the foundation of students. Most of the times, they stick to textbooks as contexts for teaching. They provide co-textual facts, facilitating students to gather and extrapolate the meaning of unknown grammatical items from the co-text.

But if it is a virtual classroom, then educators are required to bring a change in their teaching approach. In those circumstances, they need to exploit the internet resources effectively to impart solid lessons on various grammatical & syntax rules. We have put together some tips that they should follow when teaching grammar online:

It is all about giving students a stimulating digital learning experience

Online grammar teaching revolves around PDF (printable) version, consisting of charts, more examples, and extra exceptions to a rule. Teachers should take help of a screen sharing platform to demonstrate the PDF during their online live lectures. They could also download the PDF and email it to their learners. A course in teaching grammar would help new & seasoned teachers to explore more online grammar teaching strategies.

Plan in advance

Educators of grammar must make lesson plans & guidelines from before and stick to them in order to guide the students effectively. They must be mindful of what their students require to improve their linguistic skills. With experience and research, they develop the trait of understanding their students and knowing which tactics of teaching will be effective while imparting lessons on adverbs, prepositions, tenses, sentence construction and more.

Let students come up with their own example

Teachers must get students engaged and ask them to frame their own example sentences be it tenses or prepositions or mere sentence construction, after reading the examples from the notes. It will help learners think of more, share them & take charge of their learning. Then arrange a virtual discussion to find out Does they have a clear idea on the exceptions to the rules applied in general? Are they looking for more examples from them? Do they want to ask further questions regarding a topic?

Assign homework

Before proceeding with a new lesson or topic on the next day, instructors must ask students to memorize all the notes given to them as homework. It will help them to become proficient in a specific topic and memorize all the rules pertinent to it.

To make the classes more interesting and interactive, instructors could tell learners to get ready to answer their questions about the notes the next day. Giving them a comprehension passage can also work for testing the skills & knowledge of the students regarding basic & advanced syntax rules and exceptions to it.

Give practical tasks

The best way to test the knowledge of the students and assess how much progress they’ve made, teachers must assign them practical tasks. They should assign one or more of the grammar tasks and see if their learners can tell them the grammar rules the next day. For knowing the tricks of assigning grammar practical tasks online, teachers should go for a course in teaching grammar.

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