Hardwood floors look cool and sophisticated and if treated right they can last you a very long time. But they also require care and maintenance. They will need to be sanded and refinished periodically. But how do you tell when it’s time to refinish your hardwood floor? Here are some signs that indicate that your hardwood floor needs some TLC.

  • A lot of scratches: If you have a large number of scratches that look like they have worn into the surface of the hardwood floor, it is time to refinish your hardwood floor. These scratches will be more obvious to you if you have a darker stain. Do not fret about a small number of scratches, it is pretty normal. But when you have a large number of unsightly scratches, it is definitely time to call in the professionals to sand the floor.
  • Boards are turning grey: If you find your hardwood floor turning grey, it is definitely time to refinish the floor and you should do this before you get more damage. A greyed out floor is one that is literally begging for help. When the polyutherane comes off, wood will absorb water. This water can come from rain, spillages, pet’s paws, snow and a lot of other sources. When the water is absorbed by the wood, it oxidizes and turns grey. The wood, if not repaired will eventually turn black and then you will have to replace the floor.
  • Some boards have already turned black: If your floor boards are black, it might be too late to save them from damage. If your boards are black in some areas it might be due to pet stains or water damage. You have two choices then; the first is to stain the floors dark enough to camouflage the stains, and the second option is replace and weave in new boards in the damaged sections.
  • Water damage: If your hardwood floor is receiving water damage or major moisture damage, you will tend to see separation and cupping of boards and also maybe some dark areas. Water damage could come from different factors like a flood, broken water heater, leaking A/C, overflowing toilet and other sources. If you only have cupping of the floorboards, it can be sanded out. If the damage is more significant, you would need to replace the damaged sections.

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