How To Treat Your Wife With Respect: How To Show Respect To Your Wife

Do you know how in a marriage that you start taking things your spouse for granted? In fact, it is often easier to focus on the frustrating things that your spouse does instead of the positive qualities that drew you together in the first place. The more you focus on the negative things, the more discontent you get with your relationship. Read on to discover how you can gain an appreciation for the role that your spouse plays in your life.

An unexpected ending

One morning I kissed my husband goodbye and left for work. Three hours later he had a massive brain hemorrhage and died. Before his death, I would have denied taking him for granted. After he was gone, I realized that he enriched my life in ways that I had not thought about in a long time. In other words, I had taken him for granted.

What I miss

Most of the time we do not think about how our lives are enhanced by our mates. Here are just a few things that I miss about my husband:

1. Having someone who knows me better than anyone else (including all my faults) and still thinks I am terrific

2. Our laughter (and someone who understands my sense of humor)

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3. Being able to share my deepest fears with him and knowing he will understand.

4. The comfort of putting my head on his chest.

5. A parenting partner in raising our child

6. Reassurance that I am on the right track with decisions that I make

7. Planning for our future

8. Sharing my day ("the good, the bad and the ugly")

9. A confidant

10. Romance

Not taking your spouse for granted

Your partner plays a unique role in your life; do not take that role for granted. Think about what you would miss about them they were gone. In fact, you might consider making a list of those things. When you get irritated by those annoying things that your mate does, then read over that list. It might help you overlook the daily frustrations and appreciate the qualities that first attracted you to him/her.

You never know what the future holds for you. Whether you have five years or fifty years together, it will be too short. Investing time and energy in building your dream marriage is the best investment you will ever make.

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Although it does seem like a daunting task to get your wife back in love, it's not. At the center of your plan to get her to feel emotionally connected to you again is your knowledge of what made her find you so irresistible to begin with. When you two first met, she was drawn to you. She found you very appealing and if she's like most women she made sure you knew what she loved most about you. Maybe it was your kind nature or the way you were so selfless. Whatever it was that made her want to be with you back then is what you're going to focus on now. You have to show your wife that the man she married all those years ago is still very much a part of who you are.

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In many marriages the small gestures fall to the wayside when life becomes hectic. If you used to do things that made your wife smile such as bringing her a cup of coffee, or stopping to buy her favorite dessert, do that again now. She's still the woman you adore and you need to make certain she feels that way every day. If you vow to do one nice thing for her each and every day, you'll notice her attitude towards you will shift very fast.

Tell her that you love her. This seems very obvious but it's actually one thing couples often forget to do. Make a point of explaining to your wife just how much she means to you. Be as honest and open as you possibly can be. She needs to hear this in order to know it. Once she feels completely loved by you it will break down the emotional walls she has built around herself and she'll feel close to you again.

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Here's what most people don't know -- marriage takes effort. That's right, you can't decide to get married, then expect everything to run the course of a fairy tale or a TV movie. There are no "happy endings" in reality. At least, not without sustained effort.

Let me give you a few examples of what you need to do --

1. Continually care for your partner's needs and feelings
2. Find things to do together that you can both enjoy
3. Show respect for each other's viewpoints even when you totally disagree

And the list goes on, but you can see where this is going. Continuous and sustained effort. Or else any marriage will fade and die.

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