My Husband Stays Out Late With His Friends: What To Do When Your Husband Doesn't Come Home

Does your husband enjoy escaping to work, church, or other places in order to avoid coming home?

If you want to entice him to come back, I suggest using these five uncomplicated, but positive actions to grab your husband's attention. Applying these principles consistently can enable you to invite him back into his place of rest - your home. Are you ready?

1) Look your best when your husband gets home. Sometimes we get angry when our husbands stare at pretty women on the television and magazines or even the neighbor next door. It's not complicated. Just take some time to straighten your hair, put on a little make up, and a wear a decent outfit before he gets home.

2) Refuse to question or nag him every time he gets home late. This can push him away more quickly than anything.

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3) Make sure a meal is available - (even if you need to buy it) regardless of the timing. You never know how his appetite will be after a hard day's work.

4) Be ready to make love to him. Sex is a necessary part of the marriage relationship, (1 Corinthians 7:3-5). While many things require your attention and can zap your energy, sex is one of your greatest ways of expressing love to your husband.

5) Pray - When you pray, you include God in your marriage relationship. It's important for God to give you the grace to be the wife He has called you to be.

While mending your marriage requires a lot of effort on your part as a wife, it's a commitment you made to God and your husband--for better or for worse. If you're serious about reigniting your marriage and seeing your husband come home, you can do it through a series of consistent actions.

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Divorce can happen when couples wait too long to repair problems in marriage. There are viewpoints and behavior that each person brings into the relationship that can cause marriage problems and cause marital harm. Many married couples may be unaware to what extent their own attitudes and behavior contribute to marriage problems. If they were able to identify the source of problems in marriage they could take corrective action. Listed below are some areas that can cause marriages to end.

Excessive Involvement of Others in Your Marriage

Marriage problems can result from improperly involving others in your marriage. When family members or others outside of a marriage have undue influence on the marriage it could cause problems in the marriage relationship. Giving your spouse priority in your life help with marriage, not giving your spouse priority can end marriages. After all, couples marry each other, not their spouses' family and friends.

Lack of Communication

Not communicating or poor communication with your spouse can lead to a host of marriage problems.

Exactly what is good communication with your spouse?

• Do you speak to each other in a respectful manner?
• Does one of you dominate the conversation and not respect the others opinion or statements.
• Do you listen when your spouse speaks and make eye contact when speaking or listening?
• Keeping secrets is another form of poor communication; it hinders developing trust and closeness in the marital relationship.

Lack of Trust Can Destroy a Marriage

Trust in a marriage is of the utmost importance. Lack of trust can cause marriage problems. Trust involves a number of issues, for instance trusting that your spouse will respect you feelings and opinions. Some other areas of trust include:

• Trusting that when you disagree with your spouse on issues that he/she will follow the "fight fair rules" of marriage disagreements and not bring up old issues which tend to worsen the current disagreement. Fighting fair means no name calling.

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• Trust involves trusting someones' word and dependability; Can your spouse trust that you will do what you promised?
• Can your spouse trust that your will speak respectfully to them. Trust is can influence how you handle disagreements. Do you acknowledge how your spouse may feel about certain issues and respect their feelings? Do you speak directly to issues that you feel strongly about without attacking your spouse and putting them down?
Infidelity makes it extremely difficult for a marriage to last but may be overcome if you get help with your marriage.

Money and Money Issues

Money can be a problem in any marriage especially if there are financial hardships. Studies and surveys have shown that money is the main reason for couples to divorce. Spending habits and poor communication is a major cause of marriage problems. Couple with different attitudes and spending habits may have very different views on how to handle money.

When discussing money take as much emotion out of the conversation as possibly. It is difficult to talk rationally when emotions are running high. Another money issue that can strain a marriage is not determining who is responsible to pay what bills.

When one spouse earns substantially more than the other it can cause uncertainty and stress. That is where the communication and spousal priority comes into play.

Not resolving money issues can be an obstacle to having a long marriage.

Sexual Problems in Marriage

Having sexual intimacy problems between couples can destroy the feeling of closeness and have devastating results. Communication is important in this instance.

Sometimes men may forget that women need emotional intimacy as well as a physical relationship. Women may not be aware of issues the man may have that effect sexual behavior.

When marriages are suffering it is common to focus on the shortcomings of your spouse and not put enough thought and effort into improving the marriage. It is important to look into what is helpful in saving a marriage such as marriage self help tools or marriage counseling.

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If your marriage is in trouble and you're asking everyone you can grab, how can I save our marriage?, I have some bad news for you -- you only have a 50 percent chance of making it. Statistics show that out of every 10 marriages, only 5 make it.

Millions of folks are trying but are having a real difficult time trying to salvage their marriage. In the meantime, they will suffer the loneliness of a wife left alone at home while the husband seeks the comfort of another woman. Or become depressed, and even suicidal, from the endless arguments and sleepless nights resulting from marital fights.

Time and time again, I hear friends and family ask themselves, how do we save our marriage? What are the chances that I, a normal, everyday person, can figure out what it takes to save our marriage. Here are some painful facts to consider --

It's Tough To Pull Back A Marriage On the Brink

Once a marriage is shattered, there is every chance it will spiral out of control towards separation and divorce. Think of a locomotive train that's trying desperately to brake.

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Most People Are Too Close To Their Marriage

Let's face it. How many of us can become emotionally detached in a middle of a heated argument with our spouse. Even marriage counselors have been known to get divorced and they're the ones who are supposed to be cool and professional.

Today's Media Environment Encourages Infidelity

Everywhere you turn, the books and TV shows and movies scream out that it's OK to cheat on your spouse. Heck, everyone does it right?

Despite all this, some people still manage to save their marriage. Truth is many people try desperately and fail miserably but there are some success stories. How do they do it? Often, it's with the help of expensive therapy. Aside from cost, the other problem is people are just not comfortable admitting to someone else that their marriage is in trouble

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You are the wife at home and your husband is out at work most of the time. You get suspicious easily over the slightest issue and you want to control every movement of your husband so that he will not have an affair outside. Should wives be controlling to their husbands in marriage? Let's talk about this.

Being controlled in a marriage should only be at a certain level to maintain the happiness and harmony. If the wife is overly controlled in a marriage, it will only cause a strain to the relationship.

When a wife becomes a control freak to her relationship, the husband will feel that his wife does not trust him strong enough and such situation may cause quarrels between couples. The husband will probably argue because lack of freedom and the wife may also fight back. In the end, the problems become bigger.

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One of the reasons why a wife becomes controlling is because she is afraid that her husband will commit an affair. However, the sad truth has also proven higher percentage of a man having an affair is higher when a wife controls too much, and the reason is because they need space to breathe.

If you are still wondering should wives be controlling to their husbands, then you should know being too controlled can also affect the communication. Certain people are controlling because they feel that no one is capable of doing things right. If a wife has unreasonable expectations for her husband, it makes it difficult for the wife to trust. The husband may choose not to tell his wife about certain things just because he is worry about nags or criticism. It also shows that pressure and stress are in the relationship.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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