My Husband Always Comes Home Late: What To Do When Your Husband Comes Home Late And Drunk

Are you tired of your marriage relationship in its present state? Do you feel you've given until you can't give anymore?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then I want you to do one thing: Reflect back on your marriage vows: "For better or for worse..." Note: if your worse is an abusive or adulterous situation, I suggest you seek counseling.

However, if you're just frustrated with your husband's irritating habits, such as his failure to take out the trash or to give you a kiss every time he sees you, it's time for you to work on rebuilding your marriage so you can do your part to restore the love you once had for him. This starts with spending time with your husband.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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If your man is a hard worker like mine, in most cases, he views his home as a sanctuary, or a resting place. Is your home a resting place for your husband or is it a place he runs away from when he gets the chance? Unfortunately, we can unknowingly push our husbands away with our words, actions, and unwillingness to compromise in the marriage relationship. While this may be the case, it's never too late to reverse this path and draw him back into your arms.

My sister, you have the power to bring your husband home every night. While you can't make him come home, you can entice him by your commitment to love and give unconditionally. You just need to take the necessary steps with the right heart and the right attitude. In giving without expecting something in return, you can demonstrate your love with no strings attached.

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Marriage troubles are likely to already be present if you have to ask this question "how to keep the love alive in marriage." The daily race to keep up with children, work, family events and other issues that require your time and attention can cause you to neglect your marital relationship. The result may be that you have discovered some problems in marriage that are affecting your relationship with your spouse. If you feel that the love and caring you once had is now absent from your marriage now is the time to look for ways to address marriage troubles.

Since how you feel about your partner can influence behavior, it is important to create an atmosphere in your marriage where the feeling of love can flourish rather than be suppressed by negative undercurrents within the marriage.

If you are looking for ways to jump start the love in your marriage or simply keep the good relationship that is ongoing there are a few simple steps that you can take to keep the love and affection front and center in your marriage.

The following are steps you can take to help keep love alive in your marriage.

Spend alone time together
One of the common problems in marriage is to allow events and obligations to reduce the "alone time" that you and your spouse spend together. Time alone with your spouse is important because it allows you to reconnect with each other and maintain many of those feelings that brought you together in the first place.

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Alone time can range from simple activities to more extensive activities. The key is to spend time together without children. It may seem self evident but simple activities where you interact with each other brings a natural sense of closeness.

The key is to be together in a format that allows you to focus on each other. Some activities could include:

- Playing cards
- Joining couples sports activities
- Arrange a couples massage
- Movie
- Going for a Walk
- Spending a day/night at a hotel
- A mini-vacation

Just be together, interact, and have fun.

Praise Your Spouse
Be mindful to praise your spouse on a regular basis. Be quick to point out your spouse's abilities and talents and praise them. Too many couples fall into the habit of criticizing their spouse's mistakes and short falls, while being slow to acknowledge their spouses contributions and successes.

Praising your spouse's abilities, talents, and accomplishments has a beneficial effect on your marital relationship. Although there may be some things that we are not happy with in our marriage, praise can set the stage for improvement in the relationship.

Below are some of opportunities you can take to praise your spouse:

- being helpful around home
- being a good cook
- being a good wife/husband/mother/father
- patient or understanding
- housekeeping
- working hard for the family
- being loving
- praise your spouse both in public and privately
- praise your spouse for just being the good person that they are

We all like to be appreciated and especially like to feel appreciated by our spouse. Praising your spouse and showing genuine appreciation for them enhances affection between you and could be beneficial to discussions on needed changes in other areas. You may be surprised at how praise can be helpful in saving a marriage.

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Brush up on your listening skills
Poor listening skills can severely sabotaged a marriage. Unfortunately poor listening skills are a very common marital problem. We all want to be heard, valued, and understood, especially by our spouse. Many marital partners may not be getting the message of how to communicate with their spouse.

Common listening mistakes are:
- Not allowing your spouse to express themselves to you because you dominate the conversation
- Interrupting your spouse so that they cannot get their thought or point across to you
- Not listening to your spouse and tuning them out when the talk
- Not giving your spouse any feedback that you are listening to them
- Changing the subject when your spouse attempts to have a discussion with you
- etc

There are many roadblocks that can occur when one marriage partner is trying to communicate with the other. You are probably not surprised that poor communication skills can sabotage what could otherwise be a loving relationship. By communicating and listening to each other more effectively you are in fact keeping the love a live and reconnecting with the love that may have been dormant.

Examples of good listening behavior:
- Don't interrupt your partner allow them to finish what they are saying.
- Make eye contact with your spouse when they speak to you
- Give feed back that you are listening such as nodding your, head, saying uh huh, or yes or some form of acknowledgment.
- Do not attempt to dominate the conversation
- Don't roll your eyes or make negative comments when your spouse is speaking.
- Show respect-show them that you respect their feeling and opinions

Listening to your spouse and showing them that you value their opinion has a positive effect on the feelings of closeness between you.

Love can be expressed by our behavior as well. Although verbally expressing love is good, it is also a positive step to express love by actions.

1. Unconditional love - accept them with their natural human flaws
2. Take pride in them and their accomplishments
3. Always show them respect, respect their feelings-opinions
4. Show them that you value them and avoid name calling or belittling behavior
5. When you do disagree, fight fairly-do not bring up the distant past and do not engage in derogatory attacks.

By working to build positive feelings towards each other you lay the groundwork for love to flourish. There are of course specific romantic activities you can do as well but if the proper foundation of positive feelings are missing in a relationship the feelings of love may not last.

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Wrong! Hasn't your mother ever told you not to believe what you see on TV? The reality is it will not be easy. You can expect more sleepless nights not knowing why your wife or husband isn't home yet. You will continue to wonder who that text message or email is from. You'll think real hard when they say they have to go on an "urgent" business trip.

But why isn't it as easy as it looks on TV? If you are seriously looking at the question can I save my relationship with him or her, be aware that there are quite a few challenges ahead of you. I've seen and heard from enough friends, family and neighbors who ask the same exact question can I save my relationship to share the following with you --

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Divorce Is Always An Option

Think about it. Half of all marriages today end up in divorce. So you really need to consider the worst case scenario where your spouse decides he or she wants to be with the "other party". Or how about if you try your best to salvage your marriage but instead end up causing a bigger gap between you and your spouse? You'll be closer than ever to separation or divorce.

Saving A Relationship Is A Very Complex Undertaking

Again, it looks so easy in that romantic comedy you caught at the cinema last year, doesn't it? Don't be fooled. This is why there are professional therapists and counsellors around. It takes a lot to figure out why a marriage is failing and what to do about it.

It might also take a fair bit of money. Therapy is not cheap. Plus you'll have to suffer the embarrassment of coming out and admitting that your marriage is in trouble. Your best bet if you are serious about saving your marriage then is to take advantage of some of the material that these experts have made available on the Internet these days. These come in the form of online e-courses or ebooks that are affordable and lets you study and apply what you learn in private at home.

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Getting married was one of the most important decisions you have ever made and creating a lasting marriage might be the most difficult job you will do in your life. Is your marriage in crisis right now? Would you like to save it? Here is what you can do immediately to begin to repair the damage now before it's too late.

- No matter how your spouse feels about staying married it is absolutely critical that you stay committed to the marriage. Do not give up! More marriages than you can imagine have been saved even when only one spouse was initially interested in saving the marriage. More on this later.

- If your spouse hasn't asked for a separation or a divorce yet, be prepared to react rationally and calmly if it does happen. Acknowledge their pain and their desire to do something about it. This is not the same as agreeing to the divorce. If your spouse has already mentioned divorce, do not beg and plead with them to change their mind. How you react from here on out will make or break the situation, regardless of whether divorce has been mentioned yet or not. Be calm, be strong, be rational and try to keep your emotions in check.

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- Make a commitment to yourself that you will stay positive and firm in your conviction that you are willing to give 100% to your marriage, even if your spouse is giving nothing to it. If you are truly committed and take the lead, you can literally set the wheels in motion for a new beginning.

- Give your spouse whatever space he or she needs to figure things out. Smothering your partner right now will only serve to push him or her further away. This is exactly the opposite of what you want, so back off right now.

- Use this time to become the best person you can be, mentally, physically and spiritually. Commit to proper diet, healthful exercise, and prayer or meditation to relieve stress and feed your mind and spirit. Pursue things you love doing and feel passionate about. Enjoy this freedom.

Follow the above steps and you will put yourself in the most resourceful physical emotional and mental state to handle the difficult days ahead. You will also succeed in maintaining power in the relationship because your spouse was probably not expecting this positive reaction from you. This position you have put yourself in will make you considerably more attractive than the person your spouse wanted to leave. This is a very important beginning to save a marriage in crisis.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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