General Knowledge is an integral part of our lives. It helps us to communicate and build social networks. Due to technological advancements, general knowledge is much more accessible. It is not longer confined to a particular group of people but has spread its wings throughout the world. One of the major reasons for its growing awareness is due to the inclusion of general knowledge in our education system. Especially, in entrance exams, general knowledge is given major importance. For some careers, it has become the pre-requisite for recruitment. Thus, it has become very important for us to stay updated. Today there are various ways to gain general knowledge. Following are some ways to update your general knowledge:
The oldest and the most accessible way to gain information on the on going events and occurrences is the newspaper. It is the most preferred option by the majority of people. Information is available in Hindi and English which makes the newspapers a more accessible option to gain general knowledge.
Television is also an entertaining way to gain general knowledge. Not only news channels, but channels like discovery, history channel or national geographic can provide you with useful information and also entertain you at the same time. It is a proven fact that you can retain information for a longer time if you watch it or hear it. Thus, television is a viable option to gain general knowledge.
Radio is another option where you can hear about the on going activities around you. The use of Hindi attracts the majority of crowd in India and makes the information more comprehensible.
Internet is the treasure box. In this technological advanced world, Internet has made life of people much easier. From booking a ticket to finding a location, everything is available. General knowledge on any subject, person, place, organization, events etc can be found on the internet.
Quizzes are another entertaining medium to gain general knowledge. It also helps you test your general awareness level. They are usually in a questionnaire format with multiple answers. The ascending difficulty level makes it interesting for the user, providing information at the same time. Quizzes are also available in english and Hindi, making it easier for the people.

Thus, if you want to achieve anything in life, hard work is the only way. In case of gaining general knowledge, constant touch with these mediums or with some of them can be very beneficial. General knowledge, either in English or Hindi doesn't matter. All the matters is you are updated and aware.

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