Are you frustrated that your inspiration’s gone missing today?

I find a wee bit of optimism and enthusiasm in different ways.

Because any given moment, one particular way might not work! That means I need to be prepared with another way that will. So, I’ve got lots of little tools to lift me up.

For example, pattern peeking is a useful way that I use goals to create optimism and enthusiasm.

Say there’s a day when obstacles overwhelm me. I dare to peek at recent patterns!

I work at remembering a recent day when I was inspired and motivated.

I look for one specific way that inspiration connected with my goals so that I could push and keep going forward through that day’s obstacles to accomplish at least one small thing that matters to me.

What’s the difference?

The frustrations of times when you’re overwhelmed by obstacles really do seem to come and go.

When you feel frustrated you might not be able to put your finger on what’s different on the days you get overwhelmed and the days you’re able to push through.

Yet I’ve discovered that sometimes pondering the pattern for one specific accomplishment that I’ve made despite difficulties narrows it down enough to find one.

And often I feel that I can lift myself up simply by realizing that “I did that!”

Yeah, sometimes not.

Indeed, sometimes it seems it’s simply the volume of obstacles and your current level of strength in terms of sleep and stress.

That’s why I need lots of tools.

Because there are times that it works, I wanted to share it with you!

Because sometimes the difference is that your goals feel more real, more achievable when you see you did part of it quite recently despite the challenges in this phase of your life.

I find that when my goals feel closer in that way, I can dig in a little bit and give a tiny extra push of some kind.

It helps me be prepared for that itsy bitsy little push forward – by realizing that sometimes that’s all I need is a wee bit more effort right now.

Consider this: it might be that you’ve got a goal really set deep within you. That you succeeded in setting a goal that fits just so, inside you.

In your heart. In a way that helps you believe that you can do it. And that doing it matters to you.

Sometimes the way to get that difference into your life is as simple as writing down your goals and going through a process of visualizing the smaller steps you need to do to make them happen… and allowing yourself to do that smaller step even when bigger steps are not possible.

Other times a way to get that difference is by focusing on the one thing you could do today that when completed would make you feel you had a successful day.

Either way, that’s using goals to create optimism and enthusiasm right here and now.

It works by narrowing your focus to what you might indeed be able to handle in the present moment… and daring to be doing only that much.

It works by re-setting goals as you go through today, based on the challenges of today. For me, I’ve found it to be quite useful to use goals in this way because that often creates optimism and enthusiasm on a rough day.

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