Subliminal messages are basically visuals, or written and spoken statements that are presented to you, so that your mind unconsciously registers them and the way you think is altered one you view these visuals or hear these statements. It was actually created with James Vicary.He ran subliminal messages during advertisements played in his movie theatre and claimed that he was successful because the level of his sales increased by almost 60%. Even though scientific research later proved that this does not have an impact on people’s purchases, and James even admitted to not using them in his theatre, he did introduce the concept, and is given credit for it till now.

Scientific research has proved that subliminal messages to customers make them happier about the products they buy. Furthermore, they even increase the feelings that a customer has for a product. Whether or not the customer buys the product is a different story all in all. What the point here is these messages can be used in advertisements in order to increase the desire to have a product, in the target markets minds.

As stated before, subliminal messages alter the way you think, even though they do it quite unconsciously in your mind. If you can understand the power of this concept, you can also understand that they can be used for your own benefit as well. Sometimes people who smoke excessively want to quit smoking. And those who put on too much weight want to lose weight, so they go on a diet. But how many of these people can actually stick to these new habits. Some of them go back to their old ways of smoking even after they quit. And after some people have lost weight, they adopt their old eating habits and gain weight once again. These people truly do want to make changes to their lives, but they can use subliminal messages to make changes permanently. It can change the habits that are in their minds. By CD’s or music or even visuals, these can help them completely quit smoking, and even help them learn to eat healthy to stay fit. There are different kinds of videos that can help through subliminal messages. Videos seem to be the best answer since most of us respond better to visual communication.

There are software’s available in the market that can help you too. You can install them onto your computer, and whether you are working or even playing, these subliminal messages keep on appearing time and again, and work their way into your mind to alter the habits you have within you.

Knowing this much about the power of subliminal messages shows us how much power we can have over our lives to change the way we think and the way we behave and our deepest ingrained habits as well. And what’s even more interesting is that it’s not only our lives, but the lives of others we can change as well through the use of subliminal messages.

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