Relationships are difficult to get right and in the majority of cases, the relationship is likely to end for one reason or another. Mostly when any relationship breaks down, one party is much more on the receiving end than the other. If you have lost your love and you want to win them back then you will have to display compassion, understanding, patience, and confidence to do this. Here are some tips regarding how to win your ex back.

Your particular focus must be on the needs of the person that you want to get together again with. Whatever their needs are, you need to respect their wishes and requirements. It might well be the relationship stopped working in the first place because you were not being available to their demands and weren't providing them with the things they needed. If this is the case, show that you are prepared to change and always listen to their concerns.

Being truly selfless is a great way of showing that you're compassionate and you really worry about them. Simply being there in their company, listening to them, laughing together, experiencing the moments that you have together, will show what a great couple you are.

You have to be yourself. Even if you are attempting to make changes to your personality or your way of life in order to get your relationship back on the right track, this all must be done within your own boundaries. You can't be prepared to completely change like a person or to put on a front to get your partner back. Being yourself and making gradual changes, and proving that you're prepared to make these changes, is the only real way forward if you want to develop a long and loving relationship.

When fixing your relationship with somebody, it is important for you to start out slowly. Even if you have been in a relationship that lasted many years, it is not smart to simply get back into the old routine. Often this can stir up old memories, and often bad ones. If you wish to see real progress, start back right from the start.

Start dating each other again. Think of everything that you liked to do together when you initially met. Go to dinner, go on country walks, go to the theatre, to a comedy show, on weekend getaways. Do whatever makes the two of you happy.

Start reinvigorating the romantic side of your relationship. When relationships break down usually the romance goes out of them which is something that should be reintroduced. Romance is critical to the success of any partnership and when you need to have a long and happy relationship, you need to start to enhance your sex life together.

Doing these things provides you with the best shot of getting back together with your partner. Understanding how to win your ex back and making a strategy, instead of stumbling in being unsure of what you're doing, is the best way forward.

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