Have you ever noticed how many Law of Attraction experts create their wealth through selling abundance-creating material (books, CDS, seminars, coaching, affiliate programs, etc.) to abundance seekers? Is this really the law of attraction at work or just unscrupulous opportunism meets marketing genius? Add to this some pseudoscience and uncited statistical evidence – that 78% of people know is false anyway ; ) - and is it any wonder that so many people are skeptical of the law of attraction and see abundance seekers as mugs for New WAge (note the W) snake oil!

Yet in my experience, and probably yours too if you are visiting this website, the law of attraction can and does work when we are open to it and apply it. And abundance-related material can and does help too. I have also noticed that most people you meet these days are actually relatively open to aspects of the law of attraction and can give examples of it in their lives, but they dismiss their experiences – and ours – because society by and large tells them its hogwash.

What can we do about this issue of growing interest in the law of attraction meets increased cynicism?

If we become responsible for what we create in our lives when we become aware that we are responsible for what we create, then, so too is the law of attraction industry. And if we look at what the industry is creating and heed the insights of critics instead of painting them all with the same “closed minded skeptic” brush, we can create an environment of professional accountability, proven techniques and reproducible results. This will not satisfy hardnosed skeptics of course, but in time we can legitimize the law of attraction much like professional hypnotism has its forerunner, mesmerism.

I believe it is helpful to compare the abundance industry to Abraham Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ pyramid (not to be confused with a “pyramid scheme”) as not only does it help determine how well this material will work for an individual based on where they are on the pyramid, the same insights also applies to the abundance industry as a whole. Thankfully there is more higher-functioning information out nowadays and more people interested in it, and so we need more coaches.

What we do not need are more lazy affiliate programs and dubious multilevel marketing income streams that funnel abundance to the top tier. Such marketing techniques do have their place but they should not replace the exchange of goods and services lest they replicate the false model that brought down the banking system and rot all guru-based spiritual societies to the core.

So, less abundance megastars and more integrity, democracy and self-regulation in the industry through focusing on small and medium sized groups, communities and cooperatives of like minded souls doing what they love and getting paid for it, building their brands through quality not paid-for connections or hyperbole. This is real empowerment and it can transform society in a way dreaming of a New Age never can.

And if you are truly inspired and genuinely care about what has been discussed here, join my affiliate program today and get 50% off my next “How to transform Abundance” teleseminar. Act now on this one time offer so you can prove to the Universe that you are not an abundance mug like the rest of them! ; ) But seriously, check out the critiques of all things New Age by bloggers (like Cosmic Connie from whom I got the New Wage pun) and see how their concerns can be addressed. We do not have to agree with everything the skeptics have to say, but we ignore their observations of our industry at our peril.

Author's Bio: 

Mark H. Kelly has a background in applied physics, software development, and ESL teaching, although his real passion has always been spirituality.

Mark has spent several years on a spiritual odyssey traveling the world learning from traditional wisdom keepers and modern spiritual innovators. He is passionate about the modern renaissance of the life-affirming, full spectrum understanding of Oneness and enlightenment that he has come to know as holistic nonduality.

Mark is a contributing author in the best-selling book series "Adventures in Manifesting" in the edition exploring the power of Love and Oneness.