If you hear a mysterious voice call implacably, you are being invited to the table of the God. However it is sad that not every one of us can hear or can have just a moment with the God who really cared for us the most. Everyone is nonetheless an eternal flame in the universe. As soon as we are conceived, we can be staying for eternity.

Man, in all creation, was created in his God’s image and has been bestowing upon all the chances and the graces that are made for us. We are so special that all the angels, no matter you believe in them or not, envy us. The same God created me and you loves a way far beyond comprehension, and so unselfish that He bestowed us the freedom to refuse the goodwill from Him who created us. We from all over the earth enjoy the privilege to reject God.

However God does not completely leave us alone. Throughout centuries in the history of human being, we had been provided with prophets. These were the ones who had ability to tap and harness forces which prepared as well as made them respond to the calling voice from within. Their messages are the ground which communities based from and their laws, morality and civility which have guided us, which would make it impossible for us to survive without.

More often than not, their lives were sacrificed and the world responded with ridicule so many times. Nonetheless, they plodded on and now we are still what we are, and enjoy what we have now since they defied showing us the way to better relationships and a better life to led us to recognized powers which are much greater than anyone of us can imagine. These magnificent powers can be tapped anytime that cannot be changed no matter we believe it or not.

Prophets, as we know, are not very popular today. For the larger part, contemporary prophets are colored with the stain color of taking advantage and commercialism of the gullible. However if not immediately a man can see through pretenses, he finally will. The evidence of this is there are thousands of churches established and defunct for centuries. Contemporary prophets are successful in making people out of churches with better spiritual guidance by showing confusion instead of confirmation.

However not everything is lost because there are spiritual beings praying for us and angels guiding us. They come into the form of wordless voices telling and even compelling us to do things are good for us. They are the power from time to time comforting us and manifesting including moments as we expect it at the least. For those who can hear them and follow them, their voices get louder. However because we have the privilege to say no them so their voices become fader every time we reject them before completely getting lost.

As we are prepared better, we can make the voices return. On the other hand, when we insist denying them, the voices would stop then we cannot have any chance to sit at the table of the God.

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