The dollar is no longer the safe and stable currency it once was. Changes in the global economy and in other sectors of society have made it a less than optimal choice for investment. This in no means the dollar is finished. However, those concerned about their financial security planning who are looking for a solid and stable investment for their money should look to the other viable options.

The devaluation of the dollar has happened in many steps. Most of them have been tiny and now have added up to giant leaps. There have been, however, some major events that have taken chunks out of the dollar's value. One is when the government took the United States off the gold standard. This meant that gold was no longer backing up the dollar, simply the credit of the United States, the first step in a long road of the devaluation of the dollar.

Another event, or back to back events, are the various crashes, or big economic crash (which some see as many crashes in one) of 2008. The dollar was knocked down so low, that an actual change happened in many world markets. Investors began doing business in other currencies, when they had previously used the dollar. Now, this is becoming a hot topic in international financial markets, especially with the United States facing a multi trillion dollar shortfall.

Those seeking to be financially secure will do well to consider investing in those commodities that have stood the test of time and whose current prices keeps rising. Gold and silver are potential investments that have been around longer than the dollar and continue to rise in value year after year. This means they continually show returns, no matter what the dollar or any other fiat currency is experiencing. Facts like these makes the question of "should I buy gold or silver instead of investing in the dollar?" much easier.

In the end, economic investments in monies and other politically controlled tools are highly unstable at times and ultimately put investors at the whim of any number of forces working towards currency devaluation. When these currencies have long gone or changed or have all been digitized, there still will be gold and silver and they still will be favorites of mankind and a key to being financially secure.

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