Use of the term MOT or Ministry of Transport Test is not new for the residents of United Kingdom. It is the maintenance test conducted annually for the vehicles which are three years old. It is a mandatory for all the vehicle owners and failure in the test means the vehicle is not suitable for driving on the roads from safety point of view. Going through this reason the vehicle owners are quite concern towards the maintenance of their vehicle. Now the question arises that what are the factors that are considered during the MOT test and the failure in which can deprive your beloved car from driving. Keeping this thing in concern today we shall be discussing the factors which should be paid attention before taking your car for MOT.
1. Emission requirements: You will agree that today every country of the world is suffering from the problem of pollution, especially the smokes coming from the vehicles. To get rid of this problem it is recommended to look after the exhaust system of your car and get the defected parts of the system either repaired or replaced according to their existing condition.
2. Brakes: Brakes constitute an important part when it comes to the safety reasons. The chances of accidents are high if you are not able to retain proper control over your vehicle, especially if you are driving beyond the determined limit. Therefore, if you find that the brakes of your car are locking up or slipping while applying them, it would be better to get the issue rectified at the earliest so that your car do not fails in the MOT test. Here, it would be important to mention that there are lots of car owners who ignore the symptoms like leakage of brake fluid and keep on driving the car and even take it for the test. Ignoring such signs and driving the car continuously without getting them correct can get your car fail in the test.
3. Doors: This might sound something surprising to most of the people that how the doors of their car can make it fail in the MOT test. But, yes this also is true, if you are not able to close and open the doors, then it is an indication that the locks of doors are not working properly and can be the reason of an accident while driving, if they suddenly open. Along with the doors you should also take care of the side mirrors and check their view, the crack mirrors can also be the reason for failure in the MOT test in the condition when other components of your car are working properly.
4. Lights: Lights play an important role while driving during the night whether it is in local market or at highway, and therefore the condition of the lights whether they are headlights, rear lights, parking lights, turn indicators or fog lights should not be ignored. Make sure all of them are working properly whether driving at high beam or low beam according to the traffic and the driving condition.
5. Tyres: Although the tyres of your car do not constitute the mechanical component of your car, but still they are important part of your car on which your travel is dependent. The tread of the tyres should strictly according to the rules and the tyres should be compatible to the make of your car. Here, it would be important to note that there are lots of car owners who buy the cheap tyres for their car to save their money. If you also favour this practice then it could not be only harmful for your safety but can also get your car fail during the test.
6. Seatbelts: There are lots of car owners who consider using the seatbelt as a punishment and therefore put on the seatbelts only when they have to drive from the roads which are prone to accident. As the result of this they do not pay attention towards the condition of the seatbelts, which surprisingly could be the reason of failure in the MOT test.
So, now if you also have to take your car for the MOT test it would be better to get your car tested by an expert technician who is well aware about the MOT factors in Birmingham and across the United Kingdom.

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