Yes it's true that motivation plays a huge role in being productive but it finds its roots in your confidence! Being self confident is what actually motivates you to take a particular action that can contribute to you increasing productivity in any field! Lacking confidence in yourself or your expectations typically keeps you from even taking any action! The shame of it is that any experience gained will only contribute to your expertise which of course results in being all the more productive!

Let's see how being self confident is the start of a 'cycle' that can lead to you increasing productivity and what you can do to prolong this effect!

Daily Progress

Being self confident enough to take any steps necessary that may yield results, no matter how small, is a great start! When you get results this shows you're making progress which further motivates you to continue on! The more involved you become the more experience gained and thus the better you become at what it is you are doing! Now you've begun to create a certain momentum and this cycle, if continued, will lead to you increasing productivity since you are developing a propensity for what is involved! Let's face it, anytime we can do something with a certain skill we are compelled to continue to do so since it becomes increasingly easier as time go on!

Glass Is Half Full

The positive reinforcement you receive when you develop a talent or skill therefore also affects your mindset as well! You become more self confident and positive about what you are doing which helps you work through set backs or mistakes more easily! You 'do' because you know you 'can' and with this continuation of your efforts you are now obviously increasing productivity based primarily upon the experience gained from your continued involvement! With this positive mental attitude you now have you also have more energy, motivation and even purpose!


Even the slightest progress needs to be recognized and celebrated since it surely took time and effort to achieve! Besides if nothing more this gives you additional reason to be productive so you can enjoy celebrating your accomplishments! Even the seemingly smallest of conquests if allowed to accumulate consistently add up to the biggest successes! Remember to always 'celebrate' your accomplishments because this is why you invested the effort in the first place, to enjoy what you produced!

Your confidence is the starting point for increasing productivity in your life! True as it may be that a strong motivation helps you to be more productive, being self confident is what gets you motivated to take action in the first place! You see by simply taking active participation, this leads to experience gained which improves your skill set thus leading to your increasing productivity in that area! The discussion above examines this 'cycle' and how it originates and progresses and what you can do to keep it going! Increasing productivity in any area of your life is always a positive and understanding how you can do so only serves to make you more productive and therefore more successful!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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