Dairy goats, like the Alpine and Saanen, can help provide the best natural pet care soap around! How? The milk from these goats can be used in a handcrafted flea-free soap. It’s miserable for an animal to have fleas. Fleas are pesky little creatures that can be difficult to exterminate. It’s bad enough to see them on your beloved pet, watching your pet scratch in misery, but if those pesky little creatures intrude your home then you really have trouble! With the help of dairy goats, your pets can be clean and flea-free while you can live comfortably without the fear of intrusion from fleas.

A handcrafted, unscented, natural goat milk soap called "Au Natural", is a wonderful natural pet care soap. Why is this soap so special? This soap is extremely mild and gentle. It is so mild, it can even be used on pregnant and seizure prone pets. This soap thoroughly cleans with no residual effects. It kills fleas immediately during a bath.

This natural soap is a great alternative to commercial pet soaps. Why? You will never need to worry about harsh chemicals in this natural soap, unlike commercial pet care soaps. This soap is non-irritating to skin. It is great to use on skin sensitive animals. There is no need to watch your pet scratch in misery. You can do something to help.

This bar soap comes in a four ounce size on a, handy, wrist rope for easy bathing. You can use it at home or take it with you when traveling. It is a, healthful, natural soap for pets because it nourishes their skin and hair. Take care of your pet(s), naturally, with a mild and gentle, flea-free, natural goat milk soap. Your pet will be clean, refreshed and flea-free! A clean and flea-free pet is a happy pet!

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