"No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe." Harry Gray

When we think of releasing--oftentimes it is about releasing the past, releasing limiting beliefs--essentially letting go of something negative.

But what about releasing something inside of us that needs to be brought forward and expressed? One definition of "releasing" is to 'set free from confinement or bondage'. Is your own Inner Greatness being held back and confined--being held in bondage?

Here are some symptoms that you may have that reflect you ARE holding your Inner Greatness back:

  • You feel very stuck and frustrated
  • You yearn for something much more in your life--something grander than what you are experiencing (you are yearning for expression of your Greatness)
  • You have self-doubt and question your capabilities (this means your not seeing your Greatness)
  • You are having problems with abundance--not enough money flowing to you (when you fully express your Greatness--abundance is a natural consequence)
  • You are getting jealous of others who are fully expressing their Greatness
  • You don't take action in alignment with your Greatness--ie You hide out and play small
    If you catch yourself doing some or all of the above you should put yourself on a "Greatness Alert" and do the following.

    Tips to Release Your Greatness

  • Trust that because you exist--you have this Greatness within you--no one is exempt from this--no one! Look in the mirror and say "I came from Greatness (the Divine) and I have that very same Greatness(spark of the Divine) within me"
  • Let your Greatness flow through you unrestricted by your Self-Judgment. Let go of any self-judgment--it will hold back the free flow of your Greatness.
  • Just because others hold themselves back doesn't mean you have to. Many people hold back their Greatness and get so disconnected from it they don't even believe it is even there. By you connecting with your Greatness you will inspire them to do the same.
  • Take Action that is in Alignment with your Greatness. Ask if I were fully connected with my Greatness right now--what decision would I make here--what would I do?
  • Consciously Cultivate your Connection with the larger Greatness (the Divine) that is Supporting you to Express your Greatness. The Divine, the Universe is on your side--wanting you to express your Greatness Full out--expressing your Love, Your Creativity and Your Joy. Close your eyes and feel this loving support with you RIGHT NOW.
    By feeling this loving support from the Divine--it will give you the courage to step into the Greatness that you were meant to express and be!
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    Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC is a pioneer in the Holistic Psychotherapy field. She specializes in Transformational individual counseling, Presentations and Workshops. For her free Workbook “What Do You REALLY Want: Finding Purpose and Passion” and free monthly tele-classes visit her web-site at RadiantLifeCounseling.com/