There are some people you can't lie to, because they've got the goods on you. For instance, how do you lie to your banker about how much money you're really making, how much business you're doing, how well you're managing the financial affairs in your business?

There's an interesting story I want to tell you about. Years and years ago, I decided, "I'm going to be a successful information marketer. I'm going to make millions of dollars." It came to pass.

But you ought to know, everybody was amazed at first. Trying to get a merchant account—well, you would have thought I was selling porno. They were putting me through the nth degree. See, in other words, I was an unknown entity.

Just recently, however, I went to open a merchant account with a banker that I've already had some other relationships with. It took about 10 minutes. And of course, there's always that question of, "What will your average transaction be, and how much do you think your annual volume will be?"

When you first start out, most people aren't thinking you'll be successful if they haven't seen you successful yet. They're thinking you will be a failure. Bet on it!

You, of course, with your vision, know something different. But the question that came up this time wasn't the issue of, "Why do you think you'll be successful?" It was, "How many millions do you plan on making from this project?" Completely different supposition and presumptions! How many will you make? Not will you make?

I recommend that you adopt that same philosophy. We talk so much about having the faith you will accomplish something, and the purpose to do it, the intention. You have to plan and use organized planning. You're persistent—you're following through, you're doing it. You are manifesting it! It is not will you or will it work? It's you are doing it!

Of course there'll be roundabouts, but when you set your goals, never think if. Think, "How do I want to measure it?"

Let me ask you about that project you're considering or developing right now. How many millions do you want to make?

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