Here are a few more quick stories about guys I know who are "cool".

One guy I know always has girls around him. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen him without at least one girl with him. Usually he has three or four girls with him... and sometimes up to 10 or 12. He always makes fun of the girls, teases them, and treats them like good friends who he's comfortable enough to bust on. He's not rich, he doesn't buy things for women, and he doesn't kiss up to them. He does, on the other hand, make it his business to know where the "cool" places are in town, where to go out, and who to call for the "inside track" on where the hot spots are. Then he shows up at the door to these hot spots with five women. Everyone who knows him thinks of him as a "cool" guy.

I have another friend that is really amazing with women. But he does something that's rather unusual when he's around women. He kind of ignores them when he first meets them. If he's out with friends, and one of them introduces a female friend to him, he'll shake her hand and say "hi", then turn away and go back to whatever he was doing. Somehow, the women that are around him always want to talk to him. And all the guys he knows think of him as one of the coolest guys around.

Finally, I have one friend who literally says things to women like, "You probably wouldn't like me. I don't really have relationships with women.

Our relationship will probably go no further than the physical..." If you've seen my Advanced DVD Program, you probably remember him saying these exact words when I'm interviewing him. He's so calm and laid back around women that they have to often pursue him... and it happens a lot. He's blunt, direct, and honest about whatever is on his mind. He doesn't chase women, buy them things, or smother them with compliments... and yet, they love him. And he has a crew of guy friends who all love him and think he's one of the "coolest" guys in the world.

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