I'll admit the term easy is a relative one. Let me rephrase the headline to read like this; If you choose to have a healthy mind and body, let go of unproductive habits, and are willing to make small but significant changes in your daily routine, read on. Whew! I feel better coming clean right from the start. Truth is, I witness so many people having difficult times in their lives, whether it's health, love or finances or all of the above. Even though they keep hitting the same wall, most people will dismiss any new or unconventional ideas that stray from the norm.

But isn't that the definition of insanity? (Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results?) You may have heard that before, but ask yourself honestly, what habits are you continuing, even though you know that they don't serve you? Here's the funny thing about this, we're used to the things we're used to. We know what to expect from our habitual behavior, and even though it leads us to the same unfullfilling place there's a certain comfort in knowing where we're going.

We get used to the way things are, even if things are not good. Good for us, good to us. The whole 9 yards. While I grant you, change is not an easy thing to undertake, it is critical given the times we are living in. The world is going at a very fast pace now. Things that were OK yesterday, may be totally out of touch with what's right for today.

Take Healthcare for instance. Perhaps 10 years ago, finding alternatives to surgery and invasive procedures to many serious illnesses would have seemed irresponsible to most. Going the conventional route was the only way. Nowadays if you are staying on top of the pulse of wellness, you will see many Centers for Healing all over the country where people are being cured from some diagnosed terminal illness by natural means. It takes a great deal of research to understand what the condition is, what it comes from, and what natural methods are being used as treatment.

I recently had a client who had a reoccurence of prostate cancer. He had had radiation treatments 5 years before when he was first diagnosed. He came to me, and we explored together holistic ways to work with the body and make it healthy again. First we learned that the immune system had to be repaired. This could be dealt with by changing the diet, and adding prescribed natural supplements. We got to know that there are certain foods that cancer thrives upon. The biggest culprit is SUGAR. We watched videos of traditional methods of treating cancer (radiation, chemo), and educated ourselves on the many side effects from these procedures. It was clear that there were many new options out there that had evidence of great success

All in all we were faced with the question: Are We Up To Change? My client looked at this situation more like the scene in Dirty Harry where Clint clicks his gun several times, and is poised to pull the trigger saying, "Do You Feel Lucky?" But after much conversation we came to this interesting conclusion; either he could go for surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, all which had terrible aftermaths, or stop eating fried and processed foods, sugar & meat. He could begin a whole new way of looking at himself and his life. This included healing tapes to listen to, beginning to exercise again, and exploring other holistic treatments and therapies. It seemed a simple choice to me. Amazing how he agonized over it though.

So it's clear to me that with all of us there are those situations that seem to have us over a barrel. We've just felt either powerless to it, or ignorant of what else to do. Whether it's your health, your job, your love life or all of the above that could use a makeover, here's some new thinking to chew on:


1) Explore and research things newly. If it's your romantic life that's lifeless, take a moment to look at the partners you've been attracting. We bring to ourselves that which we feel we deserve. Given that, a new approach to how we see ourselves can dramatically impact who we attract to us. Self esteem, what we think we're worth is a place to explore. Having a certain authority about ourselves and how we live our life is a critical pulse that we are always sending out, which people pick up on.

2) Being willing to give up what you already think you know. If it's not produced the results you're after so far, a new headset might be just what the Doctor ordered.

3) Look into the correlation between the emotional and physical aspects of ourselves. Thought is a very powerful creative tool. With a little introspection, we can begin to see how our thinking might be the cause of barriers or blocks to the good things we're after.

4) Take a moment to admire yourself. Even with all our stuff, we know that there are things about us that are damn good. A moment of self appreciation fosters positive energy. It's that old thought is creative thing that comes back up again.

5) Listen to tapes, music, read books that fill your brain with good thoughts. There are clinical studies that show that the repetition of positive thinking can actually reprogram some of the old negative stuff that's in there. And, the good news is that any practice that is repeated for 30 consecutive days will form a new habit.


Accountability. Find a coach who you really connect with to form a powerful alliance. Everyone needs a coach in some or many areas of their lives. This day and age we're living in requires personalized assistance with charting our lifes' course. There is so much information out there, it's impossible to do it all yourself. Coaches specialize in different areas, so choose the one that resonates with you. This is a gift you give yourself because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

The secret to a youthful life is to keep letting new info in. Integrating some of the above steps open the door. The good news is that with a little awareness and taking the time to implement small but well thought out changes into our lives, we will see new horizons unfold with every step we take. Youth is an attitude. Give yourself permission to tap into that fresh energy of new thinking.

You just might find it looks GREAT on you!

2009 Hara Taicher

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Leading Wellness Expert, Hara Taicher has touched thousands worldwide with her profound teachings and coaching programs. A highly acclaimed Spiritual Life Coach, Mind/Body Cleansing Coach, Hara lectures coast to coast on the importance of diet, detox and cleansing.

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