A man and a woman’s needs are sometimes entirely different. Knowing how to love and please your man will be very easy if you understand these 3 basic rules:

1. Acknowledge him for what he is doing for the relationship

2. Admire him for his accomplishments

3. Appreciate him for who he is.

Men need to feel admiration because they are very much ego driven. Acknowledgment and appreciation is also very important to let them know that you recognize all the good things he does for you.

Your man will feel very fulfilled if you show him acknowledgment, admiration, and appreciation.

When acknowledging, admiring and appreciating your man, make sure that you are very genuine with your words. The simplest way to convey these emotions to your man is to tell him. These three examples will provide some additional ways you can express your love to your man:

When he comes home and tells you about something great that he did at work that day make sure that you tell him how pleased you are of him and how you admire his accomplishment.

Let him know that you love him.. Don’t just stop there. Give him specific reasons why you love him that are exclusive to him and tell him how you are fortunate to have such a good man.

Let him know that you appreciate him for all the things that he does. Do something special for him and make his favorite dinner and after wards make sure he has a nice dessert or a foot or back massage..

TIP: Make sure you let him know the things that he did that led to this special evening. Through this type of positive reinforcement you can be sure that he will copy those things in the future.

If you really want to understand how to make a guy fall in love with you, you should always be sincere in your compliments. Don’t be dishonest. Find something you truly love about him and reward him for that. He will start to do more things that you can celebrate when he knows that his woman is by his side.

The secret to loving a man is meeting the three basic needs of appreciation, acknowledgment and admiration. Don’t be afraid to be a cheerleader for him. Even though he seems strong and self confident, he needs this more than you can imagine.

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