Not long ago, I got this question from a frustrated entrepreneur. "I need help in getting with prospects to make a presentation, then being able to close the deal. I do realize that what I sell isn't something that everyone needs everyday. So I need a way to convince them that I am the company they need to work with."

As a marketing therapist, I'm always listening to both the question AND what is coming from inside the person, too. So, my answer is on two levels. It's an answer to what I hear IN the question and what I discern are issues WITHIN the person asking the question. That's often what I find when I coach my clients, too! So, here's what I have to suggest.

Other than air, there is virtually nothing that a prospect needs every day. You are setting yourself apart with a belief inside yourself that what you offer is hard to sell because "not everyone needs it everyday" but in fact, we are ALL in that boat! It's time to lose the belief that what you sell is hard to sell, because if YOU believe that, your prospects will absolutely pick up that energy and reflect it right back to you.

Secondly, I bet that if I asked you what you sell, you would look straight at me and say "xxx" as you did in your question. But you are wrong! You don't sell that item, you sell what that item gives to your customer. In your case, your item gives several very marketable things, and here are a few:

* Saves time
* Save money
* Relieves staff of having to add the extra work to their load
* Shows the recipients they are liked
* Builds relationship between your customers and their own customers without staff time
* Avoids effort on the part of your customer.

In other words, you aren't selling the item itself, you are selling what the item does! This should be reflected in your own words to your prospects, in your marketing materials, on your website, and in your presentations. If you talk about what the item does rather than what it is, you'll get more presentations. People buy on emotion, not logic. Keep that in mind as you speak.

Now, you also want to know how to close the deal. Be sure to add a sense of urgency to your offer. In your particular industry, early bird discounts 3 to 6 months before seasonal buying is common (although I'm not a big believer in discounts.) Offer a small add-on for quick decisions. Think about how you can make your offer irresistible. Offer exclusivity. And most of all, don't focus on selling this product, focus on listening to what the prospect really needs. Do they need to save money but still build relationships? Do they need exclusivity? How do they see this fitting into their own branding and image? Listen carefully and you will subtly hear what they like and don't like, and you can respond accordingly.

My bet is that you are spending time making presentations to people who are not the decision makers. This is a big waste of your time. Check to make sure that the decision maker can be present, for otherwise, it will be "I'll have to check with my manager" and at that point you have very little chance of keeping the interest lively and getting a sale.

You might also consider asking some of your best customers to lunch and picking their brains about what is on trend now and what different things they'd like to see you offer. Be sure to also ask them for referrals, asking them to send a quick e-mail or make a quick call to someone else who might use your product. Your best new business will always come from existing business.

Finally, in your last sentence you are asking why a company would do business with you. That's a key, critical question to ask yourself. Are you faster in filling orders? Do you have more unique products to offer? Are your prices reasonable for the value (notice I did not say the cheapest on the block.) Is your customer service outstandingly good? Do you thank your customers after the sell? Think about what is unique and special about your business as compared to others who offer the same or similar type of product, and make sure your prospects know and understand what makes you unique.

If you are willing to implement some of these suggestions, you'll find it easier to get in front of prospects and close your deals. Give it 60 days and see what you get!

Author's Bio: 

Sue Painter is an experienced entrepreneur who works as a marketing therapist. Her clients know she can help with both marketing expertise for solo professionals and with changing mindset and energy. Sue is the President and Founder of The Confident Marketer, a certified Book Yourself Solid coach, and one of Ali Brown's Mastermind Group Leaders in Ali's Millionaire Protege Club. You can subscribe to Sue's twice-monthly e-zine at, and catch her marketing videos on YouTube on the Confident Marketer channel.