The "make money online" mirage attracts more and more people in the affiliate marketing business, making the competition more and more tighter. New ideas of selling stuff on the Internet come up every day in this struggle of atracting the prospects. I must mention also that the web design is improving everyday with new features, but "content is the king". Here are few methods of selling stuff online:

1. One very efficient technique is telling to the prospects that the promoter is not an expert or a guru. Generally, people feel more comfortable around people who aren’t gurus because they don't feel less than them. The promoter confess that he weren’t talented but he learned everything he could and worked hard to grow his business. Then he claim that he created a product that helped him, and could and others like him. Usually, the prospects buy from people who they can relate too.

2. When it comes about resell or private label rights products, the advertiser is telling to the prospects that he researched and counted the number of related keywords and key phrases for that product in all the search engines, and, for sure, the number is big. This works even better if the resell products are in different niches, because there will be more total searches.

3. Another strategy is telling to the prospects to put their focus on the next thing that will be presented. Then the advertiser makes sure that it is a strong statement that makes their mouth water for that product. Generally, he use to highlight the statement, underline it, put it in quotations, or all in caps, etc.

4. One more method is telling to the prospects that the product and the website are popular, so the product's value must be true. Of course, the promoter makes sure that many sites link to his website or the product is mentioned on many other sites. The curious thing is that many people won't even do a search, because they assume that the promoter wouldn't say to do that if it wasn't true, simply because they could easily check it.

5. The webinar technique works amazing. The advertiser tells to the prospects that they can actually learn from him in a personal setting, instead via e-mail. Of course he will try to sell them some of his products after the live presentation or workshop. Some marketers even offer the no-cost live event in exchange for purchasing some product.

6. One of the well known strategies is telling to the prospects that there is only a number of spots available for his live tele seminar, seminar or webinar event. Usually the advertiser warns them that the rest of the people will only get recordings of the event, making this way a large amount of sales.

7. Another tricky technique is telling to the prospects that there are more incentives, (bonuses or benefits), for buying a product but the advertiser didn't show them all because he wanted to decrease the load time of the site.

8. One method to attract the prospects attention is to start the sales letter with: "Sorry, this may upset you..." They will want to see how the advertiser could possibly upset them with a sales letter and usually they will read on to see what it could be. All it needs is a story with a little bit of reality in it to persuade them to buy.

9. When it comes to attract new affiliates or motivate the current ones, the advertiser usually tells them that all they have to do is make one tiny sales and they will be rewarded, and he will offer a bonus product, a discount, etc.

10. Another effective technique is telling to the prospects that the advertiser knows they won't believe it, because when he first saw the product's ad, he didn't either. Usually, many of the prospects will trust him, because they suppose that he already bought the product and tested it.

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