Focus on feeling worthy for a moment, because this is precisely where the Law of Attraction for creating positive outcomes kicks in and the creative art of allowing comes into play. If I truly believe that what I ask for is coming to me, I will feel confident and worthy and my energy will align with the gift being offered.

There are three parts to using the Law of Attraction: The first is to ask – let your creative Higher Self know what you want to create/attract: Ask and you will receive. Second, believe it is coming to you exactly as you envision your desire. And third, allow yourself to receive it: no blocks, no doubts, just delightful allowing and acceptance.

When you fulfil these three criteria, your energy will be in perfect vibratory alignment with what you desire. Your personal universe will adapt accordingly and what you ask for will manifest into your experience. Try feeling your desire into manifestation, rather than thinking it into your experience. Feeling more directly connects you to your creative higher self.

Quantum physics suggests that when we have a thought about anything, positive or negative, this thought sets up an energetic vibratory resonance. This pulse imprints the thought, as it were, on the unformed universal quantum field, the building blocks of creation within the universal Mind. We know through science that sub-atomic substance responds directly to the thought energy of the observer, and for our discussion here, to our inner thoughts.

If we say we want a raise of $10,000 at work, make all kinds of affirmations about it, proclaiming our intention to get that raise, but secretly, sub-consciously, we are afraid we may have to take on too much responsibility, the creative substance reads the fear thought, not the spoken word. Our energy must completely resonate with the desire we put forth. This is powerful spiritual technology and we will be wise to learn and understand how the creative process works!

Humans are spiritual light beings having a physical experience on this planet. We have joyfully taken on the total amnesia of forgetting who we are and the magnitude of our Essence. Our quest in this life is to rediscover our highest being; to recover our Essence qualities of wisdom, powerful creatorship and perfect self esteem.

So take a moment to ask yourself what is your top priority creation? What do you want to manifest and experience in your life? Everyone has desires. If you cannot think of what will make your heart sing for the sheer joy of it, then dig deeper.
If you want a new relationship, for instance, or you want to take your present relationship to a deeper level, believe it is done for you and it will be so. Focus on already having it.

Follow through with your thoughts of being worthy, of deserving good things to come to you. Step into your creator power. This is how you are meant to be: wise, powerful, worthy and filled with love and joy.

Focus on the outcome you are co-creating and do not waver from your vision of its accomplishment. You create your personal universe of experience. Others come onto your stage and play a part for a while, but it is nonetheless your show. You are in charge.

The Law of Attraction always works whether you believe it or not; whether you create happiness for yourself and others, or stress and sadness. You are the creator of your life in the deepest sense. Experiment with creating. Practise focusing energy.

Ask, allow and receive. This is how to use the Law of Attraction. If you don’t like what you have created in your life so far, change it now. Ask for something different and allow the universe to deliver it to you. If you are not getting what you have asked for, look for the conditions, the blocks you have set up. Clear these away and open your heart to receive your creation. The universe always delivers what you are asking for at your core energy level. Think big. Ask boldly. Embrace with utter joy.

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