Most likely, you know exactly what the law of attraction is. You’re very well aware that your dominant thoughts become reality, and that the way you feel is the best indicator of what is coming next. However, you are still wondering how to use the law of attraction. In other words, how do you focus your thoughts to create your dream life, and how do you feel good to attract more things that feel good.

Step number 1 – you must talk about what you want and WHY you want it. When you talk about why you want something, you get into the true vibrational essence of what you want, and you can create things with very little essence. Many people hold in their awareness that they want something (usually by complaining that they do not have it yet), and don’t really focus on why they want it. If you’re wondering how to use the law of attraction, determine why you truly want what you want. Most likely, you want it because it will make you feel incredible, so try to create that feeling.

Step number 2 – be ignorant. Most likely, there are currently circumstances in your life that you may see as unfavorable. For example, you do not have as much money as you want. When you give your attention and focus to the way things currently are, you don’t feel good. You feel sad, sorry for yourself, and perhaps even depressed. When you feel this way, the things you want will NEVER come into your experience. NEVER. You must look aside from current reality, and use the power of your mind to think of that which makes you feel good. It takes practice, but it is very possible.

Step number 3 – If you’re wondering how to use the law of attraction, this is perhaps the most important thing you can do. You have probably heard this a billion times before, but I guarantee that you don’t apply it in your life. You have to believe that what you are asking for is already there. You have it. There is nothing to worry about. You have everything you want, and life is perfect. When you do this, you are letting go of resistance. You are no longer a slave to the feeling of not having what you want. This step alone can create miracles in your life.

These three steps are a great starting point for learning how to use the law of attraction.

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