Motivation of employees has been talked about for many years in the business world along with how to have the most productive teams. There are team building exercises, ways to watch and keep track of employees with paperwork and efficiency standards, performance reviews, along with standards and procedures. This is all acceptable ways of having a business see what going on.

As we go into the future there will need to be an added approach. Though there has been talk about taking care of employee needs, so to speak, this often falls short no matter what industry is being talked about. You can see this by hearing what employees are saying, the McKinsey report talking about frontline managers, absentee levels, turn over rates, or dissatisfied employees. In business there has been talk throughout the years on how to motivate the employees.

There is a lot more information on employee satisfaction but the point of this article is to address what is it that will make a productive, satisfied, happy employees. The answer to this is that any person wishes, needs, and wants to have a benefit and a purpose in the activity (work) being done. And it goes further. Humans want to do well and be appreciated for the completed job. It is about problem solving and being free to do that while serving the customer. It is having ideas that are listened to and often used. People want to know that what is being done matters.

Businesses need to balance getting the obstacles out of the way for employees with asking the employees aboiut what gets in the way at times. People have lives that will at times conflict with the job. Some companies have day care services, longer lunches, ways for employees to cover for each other, or other methods to see the employees as people that have many responsibilities. Whether a company has the resources or not to do the above things, any company can work with the employees to balance work and home. A manager can solve problems with the employee, listen, and care about the employee and the job being done.

The more employees know they are part of the process and not just a number the more the employee will be a true part of the team. The more employees are taken into consideration that they have normal everyday problems, the more they will see the manager is fair. It is getting the job done but also mentoring the team. This is the human touch.

Author's Bio: 

Liz Cosline – Life Ownership Coach – certified/Team Enhancer

Liz has been in business management for over 23 years receiving several awards. She has appeared on many radio and speaking engagements. In her over 23 years she has devised motivational skills for employees and for management that allow all to succeed. She writes articles on this subject about motivating employees, respect of employees, and the importance of the frontline employee. She is internationally published.