Husband Doesn't Listen To My Feelings: He Doesn't Listen To My Feelings

Like all marriages, your marriage was also made in heaven; but with time earthly reality strikes leaving you wondering several times in a day whether your husband is the same man you married and how you can make your husband fall madly in love all over again. They say the mind of the woman is complex but the mind of the man can also be a quagmire of complicated feelings and emotions making it impossible for the wife to know exactly what he is going through. In case you too are going through a similar situation and find him gradually distancing himself from you - it is time to think how to make your husband fall madly in love. Of course, this is subject to your own desires to save the marriage. There are various proven ways to make your husband fall madly in love all over again and rekindle that passion which you once witnessed in him. So, before you plan your second honeymoon, you have to know how to make your husband fall madly in love, and cement your relationship once again.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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The eternal quest to explore the unknown has triggered the interest of a man from time immemorial. Exploring a wife is no exception. When he married you, what kept him happy during the initial years was that he was continuously exploring the woman he hardly knew. But over time, familiarity with the same woman has started to bore him. Therefore, to make your husband fall madly in love, develop an aura of mystery about you. Just the way you were when you first met him. Make sure that there is something new and changing about you every other day. Last week you hated to go for jogging, this week you love it. Yesterday you hated that red dress (which he bought you for your birthday) but today you are ready to flaunt it in front your friends. What you are essentially trying to do is to appear new and unknown to your bored husband as this is a sure way to make your husband fall madly in love. Start reading a new author, listening to some other kind of music, cook something which he least expects and the list can be endless. The more mysterious and unpredictable you get better chances you have to make your husband fall madly in love.

When was the last time you surprised him with a text message saying you were missing him, while he was traveling on work? When was the last time you invited him for a candle-lit dinner at that quaint little restaurant down the road? When was it last that you bought him something special exclusively for his use? If you really think hard, perhaps you have forgotten to do all these small things thinking they were insignificant. This is the biggest mistake we make when we take our husbands for granted. Therefore to make your husband fall madly in love, you might have to re-work on your 'loving' strategies once again. Let us face it, these small but meaningful gestures does not cost much and does not take too much effort. Remember everyone wants to be loved, hugged, and touched and to feel special. Your husband is human first and then your husband. Caring does not mean saying 'I love you' sixteen times in a day - you could show your love in small ways which take him by surprise. Once your husband understands in the core of his heart that he is the most special person in your life, chances are high that you can make your husband fall madly in love all over again. They say that some men are very difficult to please - even then, there are some factors which ought to make him go weak on his knees. There is none other in this world who knows about such weak links than you. Apply your knowledge about your husband to successfully make your husband fall madly in love.

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Here's a riddle for you - what do Pope Francis and Dr. Phil have in common?

Answer: They've both been quoted recently talking about the importance of couples in relationships addressing and resolving problematic issues at the time that they arise. Both men encouraged couples to deal quickly with the problems and frictions that inevitably arise in relationships.

Pope Francis advises, "... never let a day go by without restoring peace to your home." (from his 2014 Valentine's Day speech to engaged couples)

Dr. Phil (Phil McGraw, Ph.D., in an article for USA Weekend, 2/9/14) says that he and his wife agreed, even while dating, that they would, "... handle things as they came up before they got big... We've never let problems build up and then had a big blow-up."

People have many different reasons for not addressing things as they occur. Sometimes it's a (misguided) belief that the incident is too small to be worth talking about. While it can be useful "not to sweat the small stuff", lots of "small stuff" tends to accumulate and become big stuff. You don't have to be mortally wounded by something your partner did or said, or failed to do or say, for it to be worthy of discussion. If you talk about it while it's small, it can be addressed, resolved, and disposed of with a minimum of fuss and emotion. If it sits and festers, or if it accumulates with multiple repetitions, it becomes big and painful. Now the emotion will be high and the relationship impact greater. What started out as a paper cut has now become a deep laceration requiring a lot more repair work to be healed.

Sometimes people hold off bringing up an issue because it feels TOO important. There may be a fear that you and your partner can't come to a satisfactory resolution of something you consider really important. A partner can be so anxious that this could happen and that it could destabilize the relationship that it feels safer not to talk about it. The problem here of course is that problems of this importance won't just go away and never return. Not talking about it is a short term way of avoiding a long term issue that is bound to show up again. Talking about it while it's here and now can keep it from becoming a bigger issue later, when emotions may run much higher because of the delay. Trust your partner to join you in working to find a resolution that serves both of you and the relationship.

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Sometimes people refrain from addressing things in the hope that the partner will mystically intuit the need for something to be talked about or fixed. This is a way to effectively double your disappointment. First was the disappointment of the problematic issue that occurred. And now you've added on the disappointment of your partner failing to be a mind-reader. It's disrespectful of your partner and of your relationship to play with this kind of fantasy. Act like a responsible adult and be the one to initiate the necessary conversation. Wouldn't you want to be treated with the same kind of respect?

Sometimes people don't address things in a timely way because they're afraid that they'll look like complainers, fault-finders, or whiners. So they just keep sucking up the offense, anxiety, wound, or outrage. At the outset they may look easygoing and chill. As time goes by things tend to evolve in one of two ways - either the silent person eventually erupts in rage fueled by many accumulated events or that person eventually grows cold and hard toward the partner and the relationship. Neither outcome is a winner. Don't believe that the only way to address an issue is negatively. The best and most effective way to address a problematic issue is to use "I statements" that express YOUR feeling or need without the accusatory attitude of a "you statement". For example, a good "I statement" would be something like, "I get worried when I don't hear from you and you're much later than usual getting home." This is in contrast to an accusatory "you statement" like, "You are so inconsiderate. Why can't you call?!"

So, follow Dr. Phil's and Pope Francis's advice - bring peace to your home by dealing with things right away while they're small and manageable. Let each day come to a peaceful close after open and meaningful communication that has shown respect, trust, and affection.

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If your marriage is in crisis, how will you know? And what will you do about it? You may find answers to these two crucial questions in this piece of writing.

The answer to the first question about your marriage being in crisis is simple. You just need to take note of the warning signs that will be visible to any observer. Sometimes, a crisis builds up without revealing its true form. It disguises as a normal marriage. Bur the sign to look for will be that the marriage is not just normal. It is boring as well. Such a situation is similar to a volcano lying dormant at the surface, while preparing itself underneath to erupt suddenly. If you ignore this obvious sign, it may be too late to save the marriage.

Here are some commonly occurring signs:

1) Mechanical Sex Life:
How often you have sex with your partner and how enjoyable or dull the experience is, is a very reliable pointer to the nature of your marriage. Marriage is not about sex alone but sex has a crucial role in a healthy marriage. When sex becomes a scheduled and enjoyable activity, a marriage can recover.

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2) Physical Intimacy:
Apart from sex, physical intimacy indicated by kissing and hugging is also a healthy sign of a sound marriage. People in happy marriages tend to hug and kiss several times a day. If you and your partner do not have this kind of intimacy, then it is a sign of a marriage in trouble. It may deteriorate into a marriage in crisis very fast, if the situation does not improve.

3) Absence of Courtesy:
Common courtesy and formal expressions like "thank you," "excuse me," and "please," are to be extended not to strangers alone. Your marriage partner also needs them. If these acts of courtesy are missing in your relationship, then you can sense that all is not well with your marriage. Absence of these courtesies is an indication that you take your partner for granted. This will eventually lead to a coldness between the partners. The situation of your marriage in crisis may not be far off.

If you can identify any of these signs and take action to correct them, you can save your marriage in time. You may work on changing things slowly without giving the impression of doing something in desperation. A gradual change will have a strong and lasting effect. Your partner will start reciprocating in an unconscious way and soon you will find that your marriage life has become happy and enjoyable.

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As Christian married couples in the 21st century, we are told by our church, the Bible, our parents, counselors, famous quotes and even songs that we are to love our spouses "Unconditionally". But a lot of people are left in the dark wondering what it means to love someone unconditionally. Then, if and when, they grasp the concept of unconditional love we don't know how to apply it on a daily basis. We want to show our spouses that we truly, really do love them, but it's hard when we can get so busy! The whirlwind of work, social outings, social media, travel, church, sports, and family can really bear down hard on your marriage and steal time from showing your affection to one another.

So how can you show unconditional love to your spouse on a daily basis in the midst of a crazy life? In this article I am going to point out 5 ways that you can do exactly that. But it's up to you and God to put these 5 steps into action and apply them to your life.

Wait, What is the Real Meaning of Unconditional Love?

The Wikipedia definition says this: "Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations."

But we know from Christ's example of His Death on the cross for our sins that this term has a much deeper and much more effective meaning. Unconditional love is a self-sacrificing, unrelenting, thick and tangible love that expects nothing in return. When Jesus died on the cross for sins of the world, he was displaying UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in all its splendor and brilliance. In Greek it was called Agape love. Agape love is different from a sexual kind of love or even a brotherly love. It literally means self-sacrificial and unconditional love with no expectation of any reward in return. Agape love is the love that we are commanded to use in those familiar verses Ephesians 5: 1-2 "Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma." And agape love is what we are commanded to use on a daily basis in our marriage.

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Unconditional Love on a Daily Basis

Showing unconditional love daily will be hard at first, especially when you see no benefits or no reward for your efforts. That's the hardest, most crushing thing; to see your love go unrecognized or not shown love in return. It is very discouraging. But persevere! Jesus did not give up on us. He still has unconditional love for us every day of our lives. We forget about Him, we forget His blessings, we leave Him behind, and we treat Him as though He were a chore. Yet, we are alive because of Him. And because of that we have hope. We can keep going; we can keep loving.

No one said marriage was easy, no one said keeping a marriage the way it was on your marriage day was even possible. But I tell you it is! If we can love our spouse with an agape love like Christ loves us, than we can have Heaven Now.

Here are 5 good ways that you can practice Agape or Unconditional Love regularly.

1. Forgive. We all know that no one is perfect-but can we forgive them for being imperfect? Spouses do things everyday that set off little triggers of annoyance. Even small things like your husband leaving the toothpaste lid off, your wife forgetting to start your laundry etc. These are pet peeves that can build up till we blow up! But forgiveness is the key to freedom.

2. Serve. Even if we've been working all day, cooking cleaning, working in an office for 12 hours, or worked all day on fixing up the house, unconditional love calls for SACRIFICE. That means sacrificing your time, your rest, and what you think you deserve. When you feel tired from a long day and your wife asks you to help her with something, help. When you have taken care of the children all day and just want to fall over on the couch and your husband wants dinner, cook it for him. This is unconditional love.

3. Chivalry. When we're first married we tried to look and act appealing to our new spouse. We want to attract them to us and make ourselves more loveable. Don't lose that desire. In the morning or at night, freshen up for your spouse. Put on some nice clothes, spray some fragrance on, and laugh. Be light-hearted and kind. But above all, be polite. Show respect for one another. Nothing is more precious and appealing than pure old fashion chivalry and respect.

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4. Surprise. When we've been married for a while, we stop all the little things that make a loving marriage look desirable. There are no more sweet and random gifts and no surprise-initiative blessings. I propose you take an initiative action upon you daily to perform for your spouse. Don't tell them that you've done it or that you're going to do it, just let them notice it themselves. It could be anything from cleaning the bathroom to mowing the lawn or making them a cup of coffee in the morning. It spurs on more generous acts of love.

5. Encourage. The best thing to do in a relationship is to encourage one another. Build each other up with kind words, and don't forget to study the Word together! Pray and read the Bible as often as you can together. Nothing builds a stronger relationship than when two insufficient human beings humble themselves in the sight of the Lord together and pray and worship. Build your relationship on the Rock.

Don't Give Up!

It can be difficult to be persistent in following these practices on a daily basis, but you can't throw in the towel after a few days and expect everything to be fine after only a few tries. You have to work on this. If you don't have a heart for it and feel like you can't do it, ask God to give you the desire for it. He knows that you try hard, but He requires all of you. Agape, unconditional love, does not give up.

"The only way love can last a lifetime is if it's unconditional. The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved, but rather by the one choosing to love."

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