My Husband No Longer Desires Me: Feeling Sexually Undesirable

In any marriage it's common for the level of sexual intimacy to decline as time goes on. But if you are living in a marriage that is lacking in intimacy, that is natural. Baring a physical or medical condition which interferes with one person's sex drive, there should still at least be some vestige of sexual interest between you.

If for some reason one or both of you have lost your sexual willingness, and bond with your partner, then you want to pay attention to these Sexless Marriage Tips. These hints are provided in the hopes that an exploration of the loss of sexual intimacy in your marriage will lead to action on the part of both individuals in the marriage to revitalize the sexual connection.

Sexless Marriage Tip 1: The Root Cause

There's at least one thing that has occurred in the history of your relationship that created this lack of intimacy. There's always an antecedent. You mustn't give up until you work out what precipitated this loss. When reflecting back, if you notice that sex just suddenly ended, then you will need to pencil down all the details of what went on in your life during that point so you can pinpoint how the problem started.

More often than not, sex with a relationship will slowly fade away over time. There normally isn't one major circumstance that brings everything to a standstill. You and your spouse will need to go over the situation, and put together a list of possible root causes as to why your sex life has grounded to a halt.

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Sexless Marriage Tip 2: Quit Blaming One Another

As you and your partner are delving into the origin for your lack of intimacy, it is most important to leave blame out of the equation. At this stage, it doesn't matter who is to blame. Saving your relationship by reintroducing the sexual intimacy back into your marriage has to be your key objective. Therefore, you shouldn't blame one another. You'll need to admit that each of you share responsibility for the lack of intimacy in your marriage.

Sexless Marriage Tip 3: Don't Blame Yourself

Although it's tempting to assign blame to your spouse for the lack of sex in your marriage, you also should admit your own contribution. Did your care and attention to your spouse dwindle or fade? Have you been careless financially, creating resentment? Often times things that happen outside the bedroom can lead to bitterness and acrimony. This can interfere with romance, and sexual intimacy.

If you are able to acknowledge the problems in your relationship, then there is a good chance that if you make a few changes, you will be able to restore your intimacy. In order to find the solution to your current problem, some crucial self reflection is required.

Sexless Marriage Tip #Four: Rekindle Sexual Fire through Intimacy without Sex

Just start becoming more affectionate towards your spouse! Many couples are surprised to realize that not only is sexual contact missing, but simple physical contact has gone even longer.

However, when you revive the practice of touch, you ignite a new flame. Don't know where to start? Just hold hands. Spend some time cuddling together. Lie in bed, and talk, pour out your heart and soul like you did in the early days. Before you know it, those familiar sexual stirrings will return.

At night when you're on your side of the bed, roll toward your spouse, and place your arm around them. Breathe them in deeply. You could kiss the back of their neck. The TV can be the biggest barrier to sexual intimacy out there. Press "off" on the remote and get back to what bonds you together.

These sexless marriage tips won't flip the switch back on your sex life immediately. However, over time you'll find a return to the sexual activity you, and your spouse once enjoyed. You can have that again.

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The ideal marriage - a couple hopelessly in love with each other, living a lifetime of happiness together. A marriage in reality - couples argue sometimes - sometimes too much. Marriages hit rocky grounds sometimes. 'Sometimes' is the key word here. When you ask yourself 'Can anything help me with saving my marriage?', the answer is yes. Trouble in a marriage isn't the end of the world, but it does feel like it. There IS light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some tips to help you during this rough time.

Too many married couples start having trouble, and think that divorce is the easy way out. Because you are reading this article, I know that you don't believe this to be true. Divorce is simply not an option for you, but you don't want to live like this anymore.

Why did you get married? You finally found your soul mate, and want to spend the rest of your life with him or her. Right? Life isn't always easy - it's not supposed to be. Marriage helps us to get through the tough times in life by giving us someone to lean on. It's supposed to, anyway.

When you are dealing with an outside stressor in your marriage, such as loss of work or other monetary issues, you should calmly talk about it together. If it involves time spent with each other, then take steps to spend more time together.

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Bring back the love in your marriage. You marital troubles may very well some from the fact that one spouse doesn't feel loved or appreciated anymore. it is very painful to feel unloved in a marriage. Oftentimes, though, one spouse doesn't realize that the other feels this way. It is only when you tell your spouse that you feel a certain way that he or she can make a few small changes to show you how they really feel.

Please don't think that your spouse knows how you feel - they are not mind readers! They also shouldn't assume that you know how they feel - you don't. All you can do is assume, and when we do that, we think of the worst.

If you feel like your spouse doesn't love you, tell them that. If you feel unappreciated, tell them that. If you think they're not listening, tell them anyway. Don't be harsh, just say 'I don't know if you've noticed, but I feel.....'.

Even though more and more couples are divorcing, thankfully many married couples still believe that divorce is absolutely not an option. My hat off to you! Marriage takes total commitment and dedication to each other, but you knew that when you got married. Just because you may not be getting along so well right now, does NOT mean that this will last forever - your marriage WILL pull through!

Try not to be negative in your marriage. Bad words and thoughts bring the same back to you. On the other hand, GOOD words and thoughts will bring the same back to you. it may sound corny, but it does work. Give it a shot - you may be very surprised at how well a little positive thinking and acting works to turn a troubled marriage around!

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You also agree with the fact that wedding ceremony is one of the most auspicious and one of the most memorable occasions in the life of every man or woman. People have several plans and wishes related to their marriage. However, in the last few years, it has been found that many people have decided to break their marital knots and become single. Marriage failures have become one of the major concerns of the couples in the present days and people are trying out different measures to make their marriage successful.

It is quite disheartening for someone to get his marital bonds broken and that is why they are trying out different reasons for saving their marriage. Many people are making different compromises and adjustments to make their partners happy so that they can save their married life. When you want to save your marriage, you need to understand a few basic factors. You should note that compromises and adjustments cannot save a relation. If you want to save marriage, you need to ensure that both of you are happy in your married life.

Remember compromises and adjustments will never make both of you happy. If you make compromises or adjustments, it might be possible for you to make your spouse happy. However, it will not be possible for you to remain happy in the relation. Therefore, after a certain period of time, you will feel exhausted and frustrated in the relation. As you will not be happy in the relation, it will not be possible for you to maintain the relation for a long period of time. Thus, your marriage will not be successful even after giving your best efforts.

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If you want to make your marital relation work out successfully, you need to understand the reasons that lead to the failure of marriage. One of the most common reasons for which marriages fail is misunderstanding between the couples. To save your marriage, you need to avoid all sorts of misunderstandings. Give time to your relationship and understand what your partner likes and what he dislikes. By understanding the choices and preferences of your partner, it will be easier for you to strengthen your bonding. Therefore, your relation will grow smoothly as well as strongly. If both of you working professionals and do not find enough time for your spouse or family, you can plan a weekend or a dinner together to save your marriage.

Many people create misunderstanding and distance in their married life for their own fault. Some people get unsecured in their married life and it is their insecurity of mind that spoils their relation. If you want to save your marriage, you need to know that insecurity and unnecessary doubts can break the relation. To ensure the success of your married life, you should love each other and try to be happy with each other. If you are unhappy for some reasons, discuss the reason of unhappiness and sort it out before it become irreparable. In this way, you can easily save your marriage.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want is security. We might all act macho and big, but one of the big reasons we enter a committed relationship is for the sense of safety and security we would get from being with you. We want a woman that we can keep on giving to for the rest of our lives; if you get up and leave, that would destroy us. So how do you go about persuading a man that you want him for the long term? (It's something more powerful than saying, "I'll never leave you").

Us guys like to think that we're providers for women. Being denied of this right or not being able to do it can literally make us feel like we're failures. As much as you're there to keep us on the right track by being stern and reassuring with us, this will happen occasionally.

Maybe you were out and some idiot manhandled you while your man couldn't make a move because by the time he got there, they'd already left. Maybe he was left embarrassed at a restaurant because he forgot his wallet and you had to pay up, in front of everybody.

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Whatever it is, let him know that it's OK and that you're there to protect him as well. There's nothing more heartening to a man than being told that he doesn't have to always put up the front of being that titan that shields the dainty woman from all harm; a woman who can not only look after herself, as well as the man is extremely attractive and has high marriage prospects.

It also goes to show that you're placing equal value in the relationship (What Men Want No. 5), so that you're there together, actively supporting and looking after one another.

It does sound a little bit cheesy and most men won't ever admit to it, but even the manliest of men once were babies. Most of them would have had a mother who raised them up. They would have learnt how to respect a woman and they would have learnt how to appreciate the security a woman can give them.

If I put it that way, does it make it somewhat more believable that your man might want some sort of protection from you? Remember, it's usually not physical, usually emotional. Sometimes they'll also like spiritual protection, but that's more so if the man is into self-development and wants someone to support his positive atmosphere.

Most women never tell their men that they'll protect them. Will you?

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