Husband Drinks Too Much: How To Cope With Living With An Alcoholic Spouse

If you are tired, feeling alone and getting frustrated then you need help. When living with an alcoholic spouse you are likely to feel out of control. There are some helpful tips that can help you to have a happy life no matter how much your spouse is drinking. By using the following tips, you can begin to feel peace and possibly contentment.

- Get a hobby or find recreation. By doing something you enjoy you can find your own happiness, no matter what is going on at home. Do not feel guilty about doing things for yourself.

- Find support. By hearing other people's stories, you can find solutions that can work for your own life. Find people that have been where you are now. For alternatives to this, please see the paragraph following these tips.

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- Do not nag! This cannot be emphasized enough. Nagging has never helped any spouse to quit drinking. It has to be their decision. Nagging will only make you miserable. You can learn new ways to respond to your loved one's drinking. It is possible and may sound crazy but it has worked for many people.

- Create boundaries and stick to them. For instance, when your spouse is drunk, you may want to create a boundary that you will not be around them until they are sober. In this case, leave. Find something to do that you enjoy.

- Get help for yourself. By concentrating on you, you will quickly find that your life will get easier. The progress may be slow at first, do not get discouraged.

Overall, there are many things that can help a marriage in trouble because of addiction. By trying different things you can find out what works for you and your marriage. The most important thing is to discover what other people have done in your situation. If their tools worked for them, maybe they can also work for you.

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Many experts say that the main grounds for divorce is that couple do not communicate with each other and they don't resolve their conflicts. In order to keep your relationship balanced, both partners must be able to communicate and exercise unified conflict resolution. Couples in a strong marriage will most times have good skills when it comes to conflict resolution and communication, whereas a couple troubled with their marriage will most times state that those areas are fine in their marriage.

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What do 'Break up', 'Akele Hum Akele Tum' and 'Puthu Puthu Arthangal' have in common? Well, besides being titles of movies in different languages, they reflect space conflicts in relationships.

Let's start with 'Break Up' where the couple is in a 'live-in' relationship. The woman - Jennifer is the responsible one. The guy - Vince is the happy, go lucky type.

The aforesaid couple has a pattern established, where she does all the work and he takes it for granted.

Vince is a prototype of 'Peter Pan' - the boy who doesn't want to grow up. He needs constant reminding about things to do. His winsome approach to life is what attracted her to him. Ironically it is the same quality of his - the reluctance to take life responsibly that drives her away from him.

A person needs to evolve and 'grow up' at some point in their adult life. If this does not happen then the burden of the relationship becomes too much to handle.

When the guy fails to grow up the spatial dimensions in the relationship is disturbed. The woman becomes both the doer and giver in the relationship. She is crammed for space and feels the pressure too much to handle. This can lead to altercations and destabilize the relationship. Unless resolved it can lead to a separation. The girl would be forced to move on and look for somebody who is mature enough to handle a relationship.

Next, let's review Akele Hum Akele Tum. Raj is a budding and aspiring singer in a club. Priya has dreams of making it big as a play back singer. After some Bollywood romance the couple gets married and then the humdrum sets in.

The mundane realities of routine life take a toll on their romance and their dreams. To survive he has to work hard and spends less time at home. Her dreams are put in the back burner and they slowly simmer to become a burning rage. She feels neglected and stifled in the relationship. Her dream of becoming a famous singer is thwarted while her husband is pursuing his goal of becoming a famous singer. She leaves him and their little son in search of fame.

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By failing to respect the wife's need for identity in a marriage, Raj dominated the marriage space. Though in true Indian filmy style he realizes his mistake and makes amends.

In most cases men tend to take women for granted. The marriage space is dominated by the husband who takes it as a right to make his presence felt all over the marriage without considering his wife's feelings. In such a relationship, there is a proprietary usage of marriage space leaving behind a very disgruntled, dissatisfied and resentful wife. Unless resolved it can damage the marriage irrevocably.

Lastly is the movie where two sets of couples have relationship problems due too much of space and lack of it.

First plot is that of the singer and his possessive wife. Her possessiveness borders on obsession. To the extent that she controls his space - physical, mental and emotional. She believes that his existence should begin and end with her. Her excessive love suffocates him to the point where he leaves her without informing.

The second plot is more common place - an insensitive, drunkard husband who thinks of his wife as a possession to be used, pawned and discarded to suit his requirements. There is no space for her to create an identity in the marriage.

Both these instances are examples of destructive qualities that can impede a marriage.

Just as the controlling nature of the wife does not allow for any space, similarly, too much of emotional space between the husband and the wife creates a vacuum in the marriage. Both qualities are not conducive for a harmonious relationship.

Space should be mutually beneficial for a balanced happy life. Too much could hamper the emotional development and too little can hinder the growth. The trick is getting it right and that's what makes the marriage interesting.

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