Husband Loss Of Interest In Wife: My Husband Seems Uninterested In Me

Failing to plan for intimacy too often means it is left till the end of a busy day where it can become, for some, just one more thing they have to do so they can get to sleep. Planned intimacy means that you and your partner are going to schedule in time for intimacy in your lives. This is not to be confused with scheduling sex. It does however create the opportunity and helps create the atmosphere that may greatly increase your chances of making love.

Clients will comment that planned intimacy does not sound romantic or spontaneous. I am not sure where the idea that intimacy and sex must be spontaneous comes from, perhaps from television, movies or romantic novels. But the reality is that without some forethought the frequency of intimacy and as a result sex are likely to decline as your relationship matures. Continuing to court and to plan for intimate times together after marriage just means that you continue feeding the fire of your passion rather than letting it fade and turn cold.

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In order for planning for intimacy to work, sex cannot be the goal or even on the agenda. The goal of planned intimacy is to connect as a couple-to see and look at each other, to listen to each other, to cuddle and be close, and to spend time together. You can reminisce, talk about hopes and dreams, go for a walk, hold hands, or play a fun game. What you do does not matter as much as the attitude with which you do it. A minimum of once a week for a least an hour and daily time together for at least 15 minutes are good targets to aim for when scheduling your planned intimacy.

There are only two rules for planned intimacy:
1. Just the two of you.
2. Most important, turn off the distractions and tune into one another.

At times your planned intimacy time may result in love-making. This is much more likely to happen if neither of you is pushing for it to happen. If you feel a great deal of resistance to the idea of planned intimacy, it is likely that the two of you have already grown apart and you are possibly withholding affection and avoiding situations that could lead to sex. Knowing that planned intimacy does not obligate you to have sex, may make it possible for you to experiment with planned intimacy to discover if it will help the two of you rebuild your connection.

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No woman must become complacent just because she has won the man that she loves. Winning him is - relatively speaking - the easy part. Keeping him and the love alive takes more effort - it's constant, continuous work if you are to make sure that your husband will love you forever.

Be ready to provide his little comforts.
A man likes to feel like a king and the house is his castle. No, he is not to be spared of his share of chores, but he must at least have the little things that make him feel comfortable and special. For example, let him have his little corner or room where he can make a mess without being nagged, prepare his coffee just the way he likes it, etc.

Respect boundaries.
Even though you're married and you have become one, this doesn't mean that you both must lose your individuality. Allow room for both of you to grow. Trust him enough that you don't have to go poking into his wallet or mobile phone.

Allow him his freedom.
He has already committed to you and he did this willingly. No man will give up his freedom except for the woman he isn't willing to give it to. So, there's no need for you to tie him with a tight leash. Give him time to be on his own or to be with his friends.

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Be his best friend - ever.
If your relationship is to remain strong forever, then it must be based on a strong bond of friendship. Friendship means trust. He must be able to rely on you to be there for him - as his support when things get tough and as his number one fan when things work well. You need to be able to listen to him as a friend.

Keep yourself attractive so his eyes don't wander.
There's a difference between getting old and growing old gracefully. Don't let aging be a threat - simply keep yourself healthy and fit, pay attention to how you look, accept the rewards of aging: wisdom and experience. Love yourself and draw happiness from within, and your husband will not stop loving you - wrinkles and all.

Grow together.
Forever is a long time and boredom will eventually creep in. So, you need to keep your relationship from growing stale - spice it up and make it enjoyable. Don't ever let yourselves become stagnant. You must continue to grow, to learn, to make yourselves better. Have fun.

Have a great sex life.
Sex is a man's idea of romance... so, keep the romance alive by keeping your sexual encounters as hot as you can!

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Maybe they can teach us patience and humility? Maybe they can teach us understanding and compassion? Maybe they can teach us to become more resourceful? Or, maybe they can teach us to be more loving?

I believe that trouble comes to us as a teacher and it's our choice whether we greet her as a friend or a foe. We are human and none of us likes it when trouble knocks at our door. However, we need to be realistic to the fact that trouble is a part of our human experience.

"It is not what happens to us but how we react to what happens to us is important." - Epictetus

We will react to our troubles according to what is in our hearts. It's in these situations that we can really tell what is inside of us. What is the first thing that comes out of us?

Is it anger, frustration? Is it fear? Is it resentment or envy? Is it humility and compassion?

Do we still love the people around us or do we hate and blame the whole world?

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Troubles will come and go; nothing stays the same under the sun. But, how we've treated the people in our lives during these "storm" could leave an impact on our relationships for a long time.

If we can come to terms with the realization that trouble, at some point in time, will be a part of our life, maybe then we can decide to make"lemonade out of the lemons" that we'll encounter during our lifetime. Maybe we can use our experience and help someone out in their time of need. Maybe we can humble ourselves and stop fighting every challenge that comes our way and figure out what is it trying to teach us?

Maybe we can decide to get off our high horse and ask for help during these difficult times, therefore learning something more about love and friendship... Or maybe we can just open our hearts and find faith, and trust God to love us and to get us out of the trouble, that most likely we got ourselves into.

No matter what approach we take, it's most important to honestly examine our hearts (our reaction will tell us all) and choose to greet our trouble as a teacher and a friend.

What can we learn from trouble? I encourage you to experiment and find out.

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Have you ever wondered if you are too possessive? Do you find yourself wanting to control how much time your partner spends with his or her family and friends? Do you resent the time he or she spends on hobbies? Self-care (physical, psychological, etc.)? Even work?

This happens with many women and men. It can be difficult to know where to draw the line between being neglected in a relationship and being abusive to your partner, between being close and being controlling.

If you wonder if you have stepped over the line, stop and ask yourself what your response would be if your partner did the same things to you that you do to him or her. Would you feel like you were being encouraged to grow or being held back? Would you feel appreciated and respected, or belittled and disparaged? Would you feel loved and cherished, or controlled and demeaned?

One of the hallmarks of an abusive relationship is the desire of one person to control the other. One of the primary ways they choose to do this is to isolate the other person from his or her primary social support system, positioning themselves as the sole provider of support and punishing the other person for attempting to reach out to others. The abusive person demands to be number one in the other person's life and begins to squeeze out everything and everyone else.

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There are a couple of common reasons why this happens. The abuser enjoys the feeling of power he or she gets by controlling the other person. This power can become addictive and can grow to the point of stalking and even killing the other person.

Another reason why this happens is because the possessive partner lacks sufficient self-esteem and self-confidence to allow the other person to have a life that consists of outside interests, especially if these interests stem from the past. Conversely, a self-confident person revels in a certain level of mutual independence, where each party has sufficient space to grow and to remain interesting to each other. An insecure person may seek to become a jailor or prison guard to their partner, while a mature, self-respecting person seeks to create an environment of healthy trust where both partners can thrive and become their own best selves.

If you wonder if you are being too possessive in your relationships, you should find a good therapist and explore that possibility, working to release your low self-esteem or any excessive need for power over someone else. Remember, you will never have a phenomenal relationship until you learn to embrace your own inner power, which is the healthiest and most fulfilling power of all.

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