My Husband No Longer Wants To Be Intimate: My Husband Is Not Intimate With Me Anymore

Do you strongly believe that you can save marriage? If you don't, all your efforts to get back with your ex will not make any difference to the situation. So, first create a belief in you that it will be possible for you to save the marriage.

The main reason for troubled marriages is a lack of intimacy. Intimacy should be both at the physical and at the emotional level. Ask yourself the question, "Does my marriage suffer from a lack of intimacy?" and give yourself an honest answer.

Intimacy means transparency and sharing. Do you share your emotions with your spouse? Do you express your emotional needs or do you lock them into the depth of your mind? If you exclude your spouse emotionally, it means that your marriage lacks intimacy.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Some people would keep themselves worried and preoccupied with their problems rather than share their problems with their spouse. Excluding your spouse is a big mistake and may eventually end up in separation. Make a beginning by sharing your problems and worries with your spouse

Another way to enhance intimacy in your relationship so that you can save marriage is to spend more time with your spouse. Not making time for your marriage is a surefire way for a marriage to collapse It may be too late when you find that while were busy building your career or focusing your time on attending to the kids, your marriage just languished and collapsed.

Creating intimacy in your marriage so that you can save marriage is a long term and continuous process. Marriages cannot run on auto-pilot. Intimacy can be developed only through constant efforts.

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It's not always clear why those in a romantic relationship do not commit themselves to being a more romantic. It could be they just are not creative enough to know what sorts of behaviors to perform in order to demonstrate their romantic feelings.

Since possessing the ability to make something that did not previously exist is the very definition of creativity, it stands to reason that everyone is in fact creative. In terms of having the capacity to bring into existence either something very clever or something that never existed before, many individuals fail to comprehend that a much more comprehensive definition is provided by the word " create."

There are times when it is necessary to go beyond offering presents that we usually associate with romance such as jewelry or fragrant flowers. It Is imperative that one use one's creativity to "think outside the box," and give a gift that is unexpected without being outrageous. You could, for example give your loved one a flower arrangement composed of lilacs if they normally receive petunias.

A perfect (and some would say, charming) creative extension of this idea would be to offer your special gal or guy a bouquet of flowers that include petals. You can then ask him or her if they would like to retrieve one of the flowers from the bouquet and play the childhood game called, "Love Me Not."

To ensure that he or she does not mistakenly believe that you do not love him or her, you should first make sure that there are an odd number of petals on the flower being used.

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A clever way to show your infinite love involves the use of another childhood activity: namely, arts and crafts. Cut a piece of red ribbon to a length of approximately 5 inches. Using a black magic marker, write the words " I love you" in cursive.

Next, carefully twist the ribbon several times. Finally, staple were glued the two ends together, creating what resembles a Mobius strip. You have now created something which should unmistakably communicate that your love will never end.

Many couples find that modern technology creates distractions that keeps them from truly spending quality time together and communicating in a meaningful way. In order to rectify this situation, one could simply ask one's spouse to turn off all the electronic devices so that you may focus more fully on one another.

Since this request may be met with resistance, and seeing that most electronic devices are powered by electricity coming from the wall sockets, a more creative way to achieve this would be to simply shut off the electricity. It would perhaps be advisable to not inform one's spouse that one had done so, but rather make it appear as though there has been a power failure.

Sitting in the sudden cold darkness with no cell phone, television or computer, there would be little left to do at that point but to somehow keep one another warm and entertained.

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Have you white knuckled it through the holidays so that you could get to the other side and make a decision about leaving your marriage? I have some thoughts for you, based on over a decade of working with couples. Too many people throw in the towel on marriages that could be rescued, if they only tried one or more of the ideas below.

1. Sit down with your partner and tell them just how unhappy you are. Let your partner know that you are considering divorce-and that you are serious about it. I find that sometimes people keep their misery a secret, then hit their partner over the head with action. That isn't fair. You need to confide in your partner and let them know that you want the marriage to work, but things must change. Then lay out what you need to be different. Be prepared, though, to hear that your partner is equally miserable and that they want you to change as well!

2. If you married in and practice a faith, schedule an appointment with your minister or rabbi. I have seen this work especially well if you and your spouse can sit down with the person who married you, but if you have a relationship with your church or temple leader, then meeting with him or her can be very helpful. No one wants to marry a couple with the thought that their marriage will dissolve. They may give you good support and advice for staying in and making your marriage better.

3. Another idea is to seek out help from a close family member. Many couples keep their marital problems secret, only to shock everyone when they file for divorce. However, there may be a family member who would like to see the two of you succeed at your marriage, and who has wisdom for you. It may be one or both sets of parents, a sibling, or a treasured aunt or uncle. Be sure, though, to choose someone who will keep a confidence and who will support both of you.

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4. Take a break together. Have someone take care of your children and use vacation days to work on your marriage. Go someplace without too much distraction-a quiet seaside town or mountain cabin is better than Vegas. Some couples find that a road trip is a good time to talk, others like to wait until they get to their destination. Set some ground rules, such as no yelling, or talking things out for an hour, then taking a walk or breaking bread at a meal. Take pads of paper, pens, and perhaps some inspirational material from which you can draw strength.

5. See a therapist. If you are talking about divorce, you probably should have seen a therapist long ago. But even if you are hanging your toes over the edge of the abyss, an effective therapist can keep you from falling in. Go with an open mind. This is your emotional well-being, and the effects of divorce may be upsetting for a very long time. Decide that you will put aside thoughts of divorce for three months while the two of you make an honest and genuine effort to turn things around. If at the end of three months nothing has changed-you are fighting worse than ever, your trust is even less, you are still waking up with the thought, "I'm done"-then and only then should you consider divorce as a solution.

I have learned the only couples I cannot help are those in which one partner has already emotionally divorced their partner. They couldn't care less about what I or their spouse has to say. That's a person who has waited too long to get counseling of any type. Don't be one of them. If you loved your partner enough to go down the aisle, then you owe it to yourself and your partner to get help now.

And keep an open mind. Just think, this could be the year your marriage turns around, instead of going over the edge.

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If you're having some trouble understanding men, that's OK. You're not alone. There are thousands of other women around the world, some in stable relationships, some still looking for men and some who are dating men who struggle with trying to understand us. If you want to deepen your relationship with your current man, this article is going to help you out by explaining one of the key principles of who we men ultimately choose to be with in the long term. It may surprise you, but we ultimately choose to be with women who are like our mothers.

1. Ewww!

Yes, it might seem a little bit hard to stomach, but yes Freud was right all along. We have always had something for our mother since birth. She is the one woman who is the constant in our relationship, the one who looks after us and provides us with emotional support... everything a wife should do.

Knowing all those things, does it really seem so weird that we men would unconsciously use our mothers as a benchmark to find women that we want to be together with in the long-term? If it makes it any better, you would do the same too, i.e. a lot of women would find a man similar to your father.

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2. How To Be Like His Mom

It's all about turning up the motherly features in this article. No one likes to be mothered, especially when they're all grown up and independent, so none of that pulling out the handkerchief and rubbing a speck of dirt on your man's face.

What you have to do instead is get better at providing emotional support, being more stable in the relationship and in general, looking after your man better.

3. The Most Important Aspect...

...I would have to say is probably being the constant in the relationship. When a man transitions from the mother to the wife, he will want as smooth a transition as possible.

What you have to do is make sure that you really are always there for him, whenever he may need it. There may be days when you don't feel as stable, e.g. when you have PMS, but it's important to at least bear in mind your role as the wife.

This is quite a weird aspect of understanding men, I know. Hopefully it makes a little bit of sense to you. If you be like his mom, he will unconsciously love you more and have more respect for you too.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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