Husband Moved Out Will He Come Back: Will My Husband Come Back After Separation

You feel anxious and fearful if you have recently experienced a marriage separation. The suggestion that you can save a marriage after separation needs to be advised carefully. I know you are going through very bad times, but let me tell you, you can get your marriage back. Isn't that good news?

You may be very anxious to solve the problems, but solutions to the repairing your marriage could take some time to occur. You may have to spend a month or so applying the techniques to get your partner back and save the marriage. While it might seem impossible, stay calm and work on having a positive attitude. It is better if you nurture positive thoughts. A positive attitude will only make it easier to work at getting your marriage back together.

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The separation gives you an opportunity to listen to your heart and do the some self examination. You can begin to understand the cause of the separation when you are alone with some distance from your spouse and your marriage. During this time, something else is happening, your spouse may begin to miss you and wonder what you are doing-this is a good thing.

Think of the best and worst scenarios in your marriage. You need to develop mutual trust and remove any barriers that led to the separation. If you truly enjoyed being together you have a better chance of getting back together.

Now take this as golden opportunity and restart your life by breaking some of your old habits. Make little changes in your life such as using a new perfume or getting a new hairstyle. These are small steps but they can help you save a marriage after separation.

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Everyone enters marriage expecting certain things. We expect faithfulness. We expect our families to support us. We would like to have certain things and live in a certain place. This is all based on our desires and what we feel we deserve out of life. Everyone comes from different backgrounds which influences the type of lifestyle we have come to expect even when the odds are against us. 60% of marriages fail, but when we see other marriages succeed we expect the same for ourselves. When two people have different expectations problems are inevitable.

Great Expectations #1: Let's set a special day that we spend time with each other, just me and you. We will make time for one another by putting the kids to bed early, silencing the cell phones and letting the voicemail pick up our calls. We will not let anything interrupt this special appointed time for us.

- Reality Check: This is a great idea but the expectation is unrealistic. You should have a special time to communicate one-on-one with your spouse, spend intimate time together, and enjoy activities. That is a wonderful gift to give to a spouse. However, it is inevitable that from time-to-time interruptions will happen on your special days that can't be rescheduled. This is where a new and unexpected problem to this wonderful solution to a problem comes in. Baby girl has an ear infection and won't stop crying; big brother has final exams and needs to go to a quiet place to study; and the middle boy has chicken pox all on your special day! Extreme cases such as this are typically understandable, but what about those days when wifey has to work late and totally expects hubbie to understand that she is tired? In such cases, the thought really does count for something. A simple statement of acknowledgement can defuse a spark that could have otherwise become a flaming hot argument. A statement such as, "Honey, I know today is our special day we planned to spend with each other, but I need to relax and unwind from a very long work day. Let's stay home and plan a make-up date." You get the picture, communicating your way forward in this way shows you were listening, unselfish and sincerely care.

Great Expectations #2: I thought we would save more than we spend. I thought we would spend more than we saved! Why didn't we talk about finances before we got married?

- Reality Check: The financial conversation is an ongoing discussion. You current financial situation will certainly change if for no other reason than inflation alone. Gas and food prices fluctuate, kids require more as they age, and it's just not realistic that your current lifestyle will always stay the same. What we do in times of plenty, will determine how we live in times of famine. At minimum, construct a joint budget that includes discretionary spending and savings.

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Great Expectations #3: Since we both work outside the home, let's divide the house chores EQUALLY.

- Reality Check: House chores will never be equal; they just have to feel fair. My wife never does any yard work and I rarely do the laundry apart from folding and putting things away. It's OK if one spouse takes on the bulk of a particular responsibility as long as it's agreeable, but there will be times when help outside of the preferred chores is needed. Everyday chores and activities tend to influence a wife's level of intimacy. When helping around the house is disregarded it can become a source of disappointment and anger that could lead to divorce. Husbands, if you want to keep your love life going strong, take seriously your wife's discussion about home chores and agree upon some realistic expectations that work for your household.

Great Expectations #4: We are going to get along so well because we know so much about each other. Marriage is going to be so fulfilling!

- Reality Check: The hustle and bustle of life itself can cause any couple to drift and seem distant. The person you were at 18 will not be the person you are at 25 or 30. Once you get married you have to keep building on the existing friendship foundation. The reality is that even if you have been dating the same person for 20 years, marriage opens up a whole new freedom. Allow the freedom that happens in marriage to open you up for new, continuous, life-long learning, as you both will grow and change together.

Great Expectations #5: I've never felt so in love with someone in my whole life. We are so compatible!

- Reality Check: Love is an attitude demonstrated with the appropriate action. It's something you choose to do even when things are not going your way. There will be times when you question your love for your spouse because of how you feel. Feelings are readily affected by emotions and can't be the gauge for love. Reality is that you can love your spouse even when you don't feel good about him or her. Paul wrote, "These older women must train the younger to love their husbands... " Think about that word train. It means to form the habit, thought or behavior of a person. Love has nothing to do with the emotion you are feeling. To have a lasting marriage, you must train yourself to love your spouse at all times.

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I actually don't know much about Elizabeth Taylor. All I know is that she passed away earlier this year from congestive heart failure. There was a double-page spread about her in my newspaper so I thought she was worth exploring for some inspiration for some content for this report.

It turns out that Liz Taylor was married 8 times to 7 husbands, including Conrad Hilton, ie. the grandfather of the Hilton hotels. For someone who treated marriage with such frivolity, she hardly seems like the best role model for someone looking to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with her husband.

She's actually a good role model for the ideal wife and here's the main reason why: men were attracted to her for almost 50 years of her life time. Hilton was the first man she married (1950-1951) and Larry Fortensky was the last man (1991-1996). She divorced with Fortensky when she was in her mid-60s. Could you imagine being attractive to men until you were that age?

The best wives are attractive to their husbands pretty much as long as the marriage lasts. The longer the husband finds the wife attractive, the longer they'll stayed married. It might sound shallow, but it's a fundamental rule of marriage.

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Now I'd be lying if my wife had "Liz Taylor" like looks. If I was completely honest, she's about a 6. However, I do find myself attracted to her and I don't see myself not finding her attractive any time soon, simply because she's found ways to keep me attracted to her the way that Liz Taylor kept numerous men attracted to her that didn't have to do with her beauty.

Liz Taylor was a passionate advocate for finding a cure for AIDS/HIV. That took up a lot of her time, besides her acting. She also reportedly helped raise over $200 million for the cause. How is this relevant to attraction?

She spends more time doing something she's passionate about. Therefore, she has less time devoted to other things, ie. men. If she does spend time with men, that shows that that man is worthy of her limited time.

It's exactly the same idea with money as well. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, she donated US $40,000 to the NO/AIDS Task Force, helping people who were affected in the region of New Orleans. If she spent her money on men (which she rarely did), they basically are as close to her heart as finding a cure for AIDS/HIV is.

Understood? That's why it's crucial to spend time and money on you. You're valuing yourself and only by doing that will your husband value you more.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Getting your ex husband back will involve some soul searching on your part. If you want him back and back for good there are some steps you should take and some you should not.

You could get your ex husband back by manipulating him but mind games and control tactics can often blow up in your face. If you try to make him jealous by dating another man he may come back but it will not last long as he will see that nothing much has changed since he left.

Mind games can become pretty tedious in a relationship where each partner tries to one up each other on a daily basis. In this sort of communication it is not possible to get to the heart of any issue that may be troubling the marriage. These sorts of games are destructive and often cruel not to mention lacking in any real honesty.. It is a fact that some couple spend a lifetime playing games with each other in a bid to avoid the most important thing of all. Intimacy.

If your husband has left the marriage due to unresolved issues then feelings and emotions are going to be fairly raw. Anger and resentment will only add fuel to the fire and make any kind of reconciliation even harder. Trying to find a centre point of peace in all this turmoil may sound impossible but it will be instrumental in you getting your ex husband back if you can approach the situation with a clear head. So many marriages end in divorce because the partners cannot get past their anger and pain.

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The quickest fix to get your ex back is to recognize that you cannot change your husband by manipulation gifts or mind games. You have to let them recognize their part in this failed marriage as you do yours. By accepting your part in this marriage crisis and taking responsibility for it you will have begun to face the reasons your ex left.

If you are able to agree with what your husband is saying you will find him less likely to argue or defend himself. If you can face your own personal issues like possibly being overly needy or jealous you will have shown him your willingness to work on the marriage and the part you played in its failure.

It is not about who is better or worse in the relationship but what it is that makes it not work as well as you would both like it too. If you can take the lead by showing a willingness to improve your part in the marriage then your husband will surely follow. Do not see it as surrender on your part for it takes a lot of courage to face our own personal demons. Lead by example and your ex husband should be more than willing to work with you.

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