According to USHIFT CEO- Singapore is facing a manpower crunch. To overcome from such crisis, Government is pushing for the best use of technology and innovation. A new system has been adopted by Sheng Siong supermarket- Singapore, which minimizes the customers' waiting time at the payment counters. Sheng Siong supermarket adopted a hybrid self checkout scan system called 'Kiosks'. This system allows customers to self scan products purchased by them and make payments. Customers can pay by cash or card.

This system effectively streamlines product and service delivery. According to CEO-Sheng Siong, out of the 42 outlets Self Check-Out system is successfully installed in 15 outlets and functioning smoothly.

This system helped to reduce customer waiting time at the payment counters. Also about 40% of manpower is saved. Hence the adoption of hybrid Self scan system at supermarket resolves the labour crunch to a large extent.

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Enhance Learning by Sharing

CLA is an inquisitive online learning platform. Today’s dynamic digital World is flooded with information hence it is necessary to extract information to gain knowledge. Knowledge can be enhanced by sharing. This platform offers learners and knowledge seekers to share views/thoughts and contribute to the learner community. A learner needs to understand the theory and its practicality. 

CLA acknowledges and recognises the importance of Kolb’s learning style. Thus the same approach has been adopted by CLA with an online model in an unstructured and free environment which ensures effective and efficient learning outcomes. The choice or preference of learning tools/activities is purely based on individual learner. These learning tools/activities are combined with cognitive approach that offers potential progress.

Dalai Lama expressed in one of the saying, “Share your knowledge, It is a way to achieve immortality.” Therefore, CLA sets out a path to learner community to engage and gain intellectual knowledge. 

Why CLA?

CLA’s intent is to follow the constructive learning environment where learner develops their own understanding based on their experiences and live scenarios. Thus learning becomes meaningful when it blends with experiences and information. The purpose of this approach is to encourage learners to understand the nuances and gain knowledge. Our facilitator/s play a key role in the said process by undertaking evidence-led approach. It is helpful in enabling learning to happen. Learner community and knowledge seekers can adapt this approach for knowledge elevation, skill development and problem solving. CLA has been built to encourage learners and advocates the following objectives:

- Establish unconventional and independent learning platform.

- Enhance potential learning by interactive technology driven platform.

- Enrich global learners and thinkers to share knowledge

- Bring learners on the platform for skill development.

- Develop activities to trigger the creative thinking. 

About Suman Mathur

Dr. Suman Mathur is a founder and key facilitator. In addition, she is an academician with a passion for learning. She has twenty years of experience in academics and corporate training. She has contributed articles, research papers, book reviews across national and international journals/conferences. She has conducted various training programmes for the executives and managers. She has closely worked with leaders and teams to strengthen the work culture/ work place environment by various new ideas and positive behavior. Her skills, hard work, real life experience and dedication encouraged her to teach a wide variety of management and information technology courses. These experiences built her confidence to come up with an online platform to enrich the learners by various learning resources. No matter, what your age is, she believes learning is a continuous process. According to her, a learner can enhance learning by sharing and expand the learning horizon for the society too. She has a vision to transform learning by contribution of global learner community. This platform invites learners to come forward to share knowledge and enhance learning.


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