We hear it said that mind and body are not two separate aspects of us, they are connected; yet we keep thinking that we hate this part of our body, we dislike that part of our body. Once I was teaching a course “Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss”, and I asked participants before we got into the material:

“Do you love your body as it is?”

And the answers I got were mostly “no”! One of the participants was almost grinding her teeth when she said, “Absolutely not!”

I was quite taken aback by it. It didn’t make logical sense to me. There they were in my class – That was an obvious sign that they believed the power in our mind can shape our body; otherwise they might as well go to a weight loss dieting program instead of self-hypnosis class; yet, they were using that mind they believed was powerful to declare how much they hated their body as it was. How can you change when you use your almighty mind power to hate?

I myself have lost 10 pounds easily when I was going through the study of hypnotism, just as an experiment and pleasure. When we accept where we are, there’s peace. And out of that peace, changes can be made, because there are no conflicts, only clarity.

I remember when I was about 12, I kept saying, “Not everything in this world is worth seeing clearly.” I made that statement to show how wise I was. As if I knew, at that young age, there were ugliness, dirtiness, and unpleasantness in the world that I’d rather not see clearly. And you know what happened, don’t you? From that age, my eyesight deteriorated, and I had to get eyeglasses and eventually contact lenses to navigate the “ugly” world. And of course, my father wore eyeglasses and his nickname was Mr. Eyeglass. That just made sense that his daughter wore glasses too. It was all in the genes, right?

I’m now not wearing any glasses or contact lenses on a daily basis unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’m improving my eyesight by the desire and willingness to SEE, and by using the power of self-hypnosis. The sight is all in the mind. I am surprising myself daily how much more clearly I can see when I believe I can and when I’m willing to. This is amazing.

Hypnotism for weight-loss and pain management has become well established. The result speaks by itself. More and more people are using this natural organic peaceful method to become slimmer and pain free. But think about it, if hypnosis can help us lose weight, control pain, it can certainly help us do all sorts of things that we call physical – how about using hypnotism to improve eyesight, to enlarge or shrink body parts, to grow taller, and to grow hair – or better, using hypnotism against hair loss. The limit is in your imagination. If you think you lack imagination, well, hypnotism can help with that too.

I will keep posting on this about my eyesight improvement. After all, when I don’t pretend I am wise, and simply stay curious, I find there is so much beauty and wonder in this world for me to see, especially when you have also improved your body by using self-hypnotism.

Author's Bio: 

Kemila Zsange is a registered Counselling-Hypnotherapist. She writes for different publications on human mind, subconscious behaviours and our conditioning. She has a full time practice based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She offers services using hypnosis to find inner wisdom to interrupt patterns, to learn from the depth of one's own being and how to be the best we are meant to be. She has successfully treated men, women and children around issues and conditions such as Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, Insomnia, Performance Anxiety, Fear and Phobia, Depression, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and Life between lives. www.kemilahypnosis.com