Gynecologists regard adenomyosis as an "incurable disease" because it takes a long time to treat and is difficult to cure. The main reason for this disease is the invasion of stroma into the myometrium or the invasion of myometrial glands into the myometrium.

Adenomyosis usually occurs in female friends who have had children between 30 and 50, but it may also happen in young females who have not had children. This disease may be related to various uterine cavity operations. Its clinical manifestations are still typical, that is, gradually aggravating dysmenorrhea, prolonged menstruation, excessive menstruation, and so on.

In patients with severe adenomyosis, the pain can begin about a week before menstruation or can be extended to 1-2 weeks after menstruation. There are also 35% of patients without typical symptoms. It usually affects some women's physical and psychological health, including social and other economic aspects.

At present, hysterectomy is an effective radical method. But the uterus is essential for women. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hysterectomy for adenomyosis? Let's analyze it together!

Advantages of hysterectomy for adenomyosis

Hysterectomy is the second most common surgical procedure for women of childbearing age in the United States, second only to cesarean section. In the United States, about 600000 people undergo hysterectomy every year, and about 20 million American women undergo a hysterectomy. Up to 30% of them are due to the treatment of adenomyosis.

Hysterectomy is a very effective method to cure adenomyosis. It can effectively alleviate patients' pain and other symptoms with adenomyosis. In addition, hysterectomy can also effectively reduce the risk of canceration of adenomyosis.

Disadvantages of hysterectomy in adenomyosis

Although many patients can do hysterectomy when suffering from adenomyosis, they are reluctant to accept hysterectomy because there are many disadvantages after hysterectomy:

1. Postoperative sequelae: after hysterectomy, patients may have postoperative sequelae such as pelvic organ prolapse, lumbosacral swelling, and intestinal adhesion.

2. Decline of ovarian function: if the uterus is removed, it will destroy the endocrine dynamic balance between the ovary and the uterus, resulting in the decline of ovarian function.

3. Decline of female sexual function: after hysterectomy, it will affect the ovary function so that women will have different degrees of sexual function decline, mainly manifested in decreased sexual desire, sensitive sexual response, and reduced sexual life frequency.

4. Induce urinary tract infection: estrogen level will decrease after hysterectomy, resulting in thinning of elastic tissue around the urethra and possible urinary incontinence. In addition, urethral mucosa atrophy, reduced resistance, easy to induce urinary tract infection.

5. Psychological problems: after hysterectomy, women's central nervous system feedback system will be destroyed, and menopause will be advanced, resulting in psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and memory loss, which significantly reduces the quality of life.

The above is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of hysterectomy for adenomyosis. Whether patients want to remove the uterus or not needs to be effectively judged according to the reproductive requirements, age, and symptoms. Women can try herbal medicine to treat adenomyosis when they are not severe enough to be resectable. Especially for some young women with fertility requirements, they can be treated with drugs first.

Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill in the treatment of adenomyosis can effectively alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea and excessive menstruation, repair the damaged endometrial tissue and regulate the patient's body. Persisting in taking this herbal pill may cure adenomyosis and keep patients away from pain.

For those with no fertility requirements and who can not achieve a good effect after drug treatment, total hysterectomy can be considered, achieving a complete cure.

Women should also pay attention to adjusting their diet at ordinary times. The daily diet should be nutritionally balanced. And try to eat less food with high salt and sugar content, pay attention to supplement protein and vitamins, and eat more cereals and vegetables. Meat products are also indispensable and should be supplemented in an appropriate amount.

If menstruation is excessive, women can eat more iron-rich food to prevent anemia. At the same time, pay attention to eating less blood-activating food to avoid the increase of menstrual volume.

At the same time, adjust the mentality. Keeping women happy is helpful for treatment, which will positively affect the endocrine. It is because when you feel comfortable, the body's immunity will be enhanced, the body's disease resistance will also be enhanced, which is also helpful for preventing and treating diseases.

Of course, more exercise is also essential. Women can appropriately increase some activity to enhance their immunity in daily life. They can exercise by jogging, yoga, swimming, fast walking, etc. Only when the body's constitution is good can the disease by far.

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