The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is India's premier central recruiting agency. It is responsible for appointments to and examinations for All India Civil services Examinations, the Government of India’s permanent bureaucracy and includes Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Forest Service (IFS) and various other services and all of them form the backbone of India's administrative machinery.
UPSC coaching in indore tells us an average student can also become ias and share the tips and formation of UPSC Exam.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the central recruiting agency in India. It is an independent constitutional body in the sense that it is directly created by the constitution of India.

The constitution visualizes the UPSC to be the ‘watch dog of merit system’ in India. It is concerned with the recruitment to the All-India Services and Central Services-Group A and Group B and advises the government, when consulted, on promotion and disciplinary matters.

UPSC is not concerned with the classification of services, pay and service conditions, cadre management, training and so on. These matters are handled by the department of personnel and training-one of the three departments of the ministry of personnel, Public Grievances and pensions. Therefore UPSC is only a central recruiting agency while the department of personnel and training is the central personnel agency in India.

Can an average student become IAS officer?

Yes for sure you can crack IAS examination. Your past does not matter in UPSC exams your preparation matters. Start initially reading day to day and get idea of certain things which subject are from your background it doesn’t take a lot of time but which subject are new and not from your filed will take a lot of time so that will vary person to person. Give daily one hour to current events. Then which time is left you can divide in two parts, one type you can do like read only one subject at one time like if you are reading polity so read polity only, if you are doing mathematics do mathematics only. Second type will be like you can read different subject in the gap of one or two hour like if you take one hour to one subject next one hour to next subject. Follow a UPSC coaching in indore for better preparation and understanding of the subjects and pattern.

You can start preparation like learn history and geography from NCERT, GCERT Books they are best sources to start it they are basics books. Besides you can go for reading number of reference books including books of Bipin Chandra and many other good authors you can always refer through. You can also refer to art and culture from various source various class material etc and as far as geography as consent map read must be strong. Go for the oxford map, Oxford student atlas.

Besides you can solve past year question paper so your preparation can go very nicely. Only solving past year papers is not sufficient you are not facing a board exam this all India level exam Best UPSC coaching in indore Sharma Academy’s mentor is suggesting you to join some good institute for your upsc preparation and clear it in your first attempt and become an ias.

To clear UPSC exam in his first attempt, one must follow proper strategy. The simple meaning of strategy is careful planning to achieve something in the given circumstances within a particular time frame.

1. GS Paper 1 is the key now: Revise every subject!
On the basic level, covering every subject of civil services preliminary exam is the best approach to clear prelims now. it's equally important not to miss easy questions from traditional subjects like Economics, Geography, History and Polity. At least, brushing up NCERT books and previous years' question papers would be a good idea if you are time-crunched. Keeping an eye on tight competition, areas like culture and environment should also be mugged up. Current affairs preparation should be done considering the latest schemes and bills launched by the government.

2. Take, Clear UPSC prelims mock exams:
Mock tests are integral part of regular preparations of successful candidates. By revising the attempted tests, you get a chance to identify your mistakes. Writing mock tests arm you with confidence which is the key to success in any examination.
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