I Begged For My Ex Back Is It Too Late: Begging and Pleading After Breakup

There are a lot of people that will tell you to try this or try that to get your ex back, but if you want to know the one thing to have your ex begging to take you back then you have come to the right place or the right article that is.

I am going to keep this short and simple for you as I know you could be using this time to be doing other things. If you want to get your ex back and virtually have them begging you to take them back, then what you need to do is start casually dating. I know, I know, you are probably thinking I am nuts, but hear me out.

When someone has something that you want, you instantly want it that much more. When it is something that you used to have but lost, it then becomes an obsession to get it back. This goes for dating as well. No matter whose fault it was, when you lose someone or break up, you are somewhat okay with it - until you find out that that person is dating someone else.

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You start to question yourself, you start to question why and you start questioning whether you made the right decision or not. This will ultimately have you second guessing yourself and wanting that person back.

The reason I say casual dating is so no one gets hurt, and when your ex is begging to take you back then you can end your dating status respectfully with the other people involved. If there are no feelings attached and it is just a friendly date then there is zero chance that the other person will be hurt.

You can now move on with your life and have your ex back. Your ex will be none the wiser and will not realize what just happened. Now I am not advocating being manipulative, but all you are doing is simply moving on and leveraging the situation to give you the best odds of coming out on top.

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If you have been through a breakup recently then you are probably a little emotional right now. The thought of what went wrong or what could you have done differently can play with your mind. The good news is that over 95% of relationships are savable if you go about it in the right way. Below are 3 steps that can have your ex begging to come back to you.

The first thing to do is agree with the breakup. Let them know you think it is in the best interest of you both to take some time apart. Do not try to argue or prove any type of point here. Just tell them you agree and that you both need some time to yourself.

The second thing to do cut off all contact for at least a week. Do not answer any phone calls or text messages. If you know your ex is going to be in a certain place, make sure that you are not there. No matter what they do to try and contact you do not give in. They are human to and will be curious as to what you are up to.

The last thing to do is get back to being yourself. Leave the pity party at home and get out of the house. Have some fun with some old friends you have not hung out with in a while. Go do the things that you used to do before you met your ex. Your ex will hear very quickly that you are out and it seems you are moving on. They will wonder how you were able to just move on so quickly especially since you were the one that was broken up with.

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One of the best tactics to get your girl/guy back is to make them want you, so that they are doing the chasing. Avoid manipulations or playing on the guilt to get them back, it will not be a lasting solution. Tactics you should do to get your girl/guy back are:

Agree with them

Agree with your ex that they were right and that it is a good thing that relationship has ended instead of getting deeper into a mess. Make them feel that you dumped them by letting them go, they do not expect you to do this and this will confuse them.

Ignore your guy/girl

Disappear for a while, spend the week with your family or take a trip with your friends. Just not being around will ignite their curiosity and they will start thinking about you; they may even ask your friends about you.

Do not seem desperate

Give your ex space and do not flood them with messages or calls. Realize that feelings are still there even after break up and that they are not final. Your ex will wonder about complete silence on your part and may have doubts if you are with someone else or if you do not love them. And you will be on the right path in winning them back when they start thinking that break up was a wrong thing to happen.

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Get on with your life

Try your best to stay motivated and remain focused in your life, do not let yourself feel down and mourn over the lost love. Instead make efforts to keep yourself busy and socialize with friends and learn to enjoy.

Make he/she miss you

Let your ex see that you are having a great life without them and that you are happy without them. When they realize that you no longer need them or are dependent on them, they will come running back to you; you are more desirable with your changed attitude and positive outlook towards life.

Show your new side

To have a go at the relationship for the second time, they have to think that it is worth going back. Set up an innocent date which is upbeat and fun, where you recount a loving incident in your relationship. Let them know that you have made corrections in things they did not like, to show that you care enough for them to make changes.

Be patient yet persistent

It will be a gradual process to reunite with your ex, work on it persistently and have patience. Your hard work will definitely reap benefits.

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1--- Stop calling your ex- calling your ex only irritates him/her and makes you look desperate.

2--- Don't argue with your ex- arguing with your ex only makes them instantly want to reject you and find proof that you are wrong.

3--- Avoid talking about your ex to other people- whether your family and friends mean well or not, you do not want them to be telling your ex things you said or how you are "taking the breakup", because your ex will take the wrong impression from this.

4--- Do as much self improvement as possible- increasing your standards, life goals etc.. will make your ex want you madly, because you are getting somewhere in life.

5--- Don't pay your ex that much attention- the fact that you are ignoring your ex, will bother your ex, and he/she will end up chasing you just to prove that they are worth your time and attention.

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6--- Start adding as many people as you can to your online profiles- this will have your ex burning, because they will be jealous.

7--- Go out to social places and get photos- Use these to make your ex even more jealous, and upload them as well to your profiles, so your ex can see how great you are doing.

8--- Date someone your ex knows- this will drive your ex absolutely nuts for you, because it instantly makes them jealous and they will freak out at the idea of their friend and you getting it on.

9--- Workout, get a new wardrobe, and increase your confidence- Try to keep your looks extremely good during this period of time, because you want your ex to literally wish they hadn't broken up with you.

10--- Ignore your ex for two whole weeks- this is the mother of all tricks, because it will make your ex call you and chase you like crazy, simply because they will be curious and enraged that you even dared to ignore them.

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