Guided by the requirements of the rules for ensuring aviation security and financial accounting, airlines are not allowed to change the passenger's last name in the purchased ticket.

When purchasing a ticket, it does not matter with the carrier itself or in an authorized agency, you actually conclude an agreement with the airline for passenger air transportation, and the ticket itself is a confirmation of the conclusion of such an agreement. When issuing a ticket, it includes not only information about the flight, but also passenger data: name, date of birth, information about the identity document. An air ticket is a registered document issued for a specific person and no one else, except for the person indicated on the ticket, will be able to use it. You can book a ticket online on Thus, the airline always knows who, where and when flies and can ensure the proper level of flight safety.

In addition, with the help of tear-off coupons of a boarding pass, an internal accounting of the carrier is carried out and its settlements with airline ticket agencies. That is, airline tickets are documents of strict reporting, the introduction of any changes and corrections to which are not allowed by the rules for processing such documents.

In the event that you purchased a ticket in your own name and cannot use the services of the airline yourself, but you want another person to do this, you need to carry out the procedure for returning the ticket and issuing a new one to another person. To do this, you must personally contact the place of purchase of the ticket and provide an unused ticket and identity card. After returning the ticket purchased in your name, you will be able to issue a new ticket for a different surname.

It must be remembered that in case of a voluntary (independent of the airline) refusal of a flight, the passenger incurs all the costs of returning and reissuing the ticket. When returning an air ticket, the amount of fees and deductions depends on the specific fare and time of receipt of the application for canceling the flight. You may be charged agency fees, fees for issuing a new ticket, fees according to the terms of tariffs, and some others. To summarize, airlines are guided by the following rule: the cheaper the fare and the later the refusal, the greater the deductions for the return of the ticket. Some tickets, as a rule, are the cheapest, last minute or distributed as part of promotions and are not refundable at all.

In any case, if you find yourself in a similar situation, we recommend that you contact the manager of our agency Business Visit for more detailed advice, and we will do our best to save your nerves and minimize costs.

In addition to the pages on which the conditions of carriage are posted, the ticket has flight segments, each of them is used for a specific flight stage. Two and four segment tickets are usually applied when making transportation. In the process of issuing a ticket, all parts are filled simultaneously, since it has a red copy layer on the back. Both control coupons are immediately picked up by the agent after the sale of the ticket, flight coupons are left in the ticket itself - this was the case with paper tickets. Today, this whole process takes place directly in the reservation system.

At various airports, when a flight consists of several routes, coupons are withdrawn in turn. On the ticket coupon, the line related to a specific segment of the route has a greenish-blue color. Today, when using electronic tickets, it’s easier for you to understand a segment like this: one take-off + landing = one segment.

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