I Don't Enjoy Being Around My Husband: I Don't Like My Husbands Personality

This culture we are now living in has ingrained the thought of upgrading into our lives. Our desktop computers, cars, cameras, laptops, cell phones, perhaps even our properties are continuously prospects for upgrades.

It feels like individuals have taken this idea of upgrading one step further and carried it out on non-material things, particularly their relationship as proven by growing divorce rates. (Yup! Step right up and trade in your current significant other for a new and improved one!) It truly is normal to question ways to avoid the urge to upgrade, when you live in this sort of world. What's promising is you possess the strength to hold your relationship together. Below are a few details to remember so its possible to refrain from falling out of love in marriage.

Upgrading is not an option
Upgrading can be as easy as looking for a more sophisticated one and getting the funds to purchase it, for items that don't have a contract (such as a digital camera or laptop). You have to hang on until the agreement is fulfilled prior to upgrading or pay a fee, for things having a contract (such as a mortgage). Consider your marriage vows as being a agreement. Remember that your contract fulfillment date is "Until death do us part."

When it comes to marriage, there isn't an opportunity to upgrade. The early upgrade fees can be very high, sentimentally as well as in financial terms, since divorce is just like reneging on your agreement. Keep in mind that your vows are a contract and there are repercussions for reneging on it, and this will help to prevent you from falling out of love in marriage.

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Where is the grass really greener?
Newer will not mean better. That is the other point to consider as a way to avoid falling out of love. After a divorce, many people generally think that most of their challenges will be gone. Indeed, your relationship complications will be gone. Even so, a completely new list of difficulties comes with becoming divorced.

So ask yourself, is the grass truly greener on the other side? Probably not. It'll be more effective making sure that the grass is always greener on your side of the fence by working on fixing your marriage.

It's all based on expectations
There marriage is certainly no story book finale with regards to life after marriage. Starting off with unrealistic expectations will be the fastest strategy to falling out of love in marriage. Preferably, count on marriage to be full of ups and downs.

The main element to not falling out of love and making it through the bad times would be to understand that you and your partner are there to help the other through it. Because you shouldn't expect things to always be perfect, you can anticipate your husband or wife to stay by you when things aren't ideal.

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Relationships are very essential to human existence. Each individual is made to co-exist. As the saying goes, "No man is an island." Relationships may be based on friendship, sex, love, trust or understanding. However, the grounds for having a relationship are more serious in wedded couples. There should be fidelity and confidence in your partner. A commitment wherein and your partner vowed to stay together and to love each other beyond forever.

Thinking about the secrets to a lasting relationship can be very complicated. You can summarize stuffs that can make up a perfect intimate relationship. You can read about how-to articles or read about real-life relationship stories in print and on the internet. There are even books and survival guides for young couples. Also, marriage counseling is available. These options are very entertaining to read on magazines and Lifestyle section in newspapers. Yet, you will never learn about authentic, bitter and sweet, blissful and boring moments of marriage unless you are already in one.

Secrets of an everlasting marriage have always been extensive. A marriage won't have to be worked on to make it work. On a married life, it can't always be candle-lit dinner for two and expensive anniversary presents. Marriage is about balancing family life, career and the children, of course. Married life is chaotic and full of unexpected twist and turns.

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Here are the secrets you must know to have a lasting marriage:

You must always go back to the reason why got married.

Divorce, and in some countries annulment, can always be achieved easily. Getting married today can be done in as fast as a lightning. Getting out of it can also be done in just a blink of an eye. Relationships particularly marriage shouldn't be made that way. That's why the reason for having been married must always be inculcated in one's mind. Marriage may be based on friendship, love, or tradition.

Work out on your contrasting personalities and ideals.

The ability to work on your clashing thoughts and perceptions is a great challenge for couples. The truth is that you can't always agree on all things. Being able to compromise and give way is a better option.

Make your friendship stronger.

If your marriage is not based on friendship or boy-girl relationship, then you must begin to establish it now. Being able to be a friend to your partner makes lots of advantages.

Create an open communication.

Being open to your partner shun away misunderstandings and eventual fights. Open communication makes the couples comfortable with each other.

Give trust to gain trust.

Trust, the basis in every relationship, must be given wholly and heartily. Trust your partner first so that he/she can trust you.

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Marriage is viewed either as an obligation that legally ties you to a person, or as a symbol of love that encourages you to stay committed and love your spouse until you decease. The people who look at their marriage like an obligation are less likely to succeed in their marriage, because they approach their marriage almost as if it's a business agreement. However, the people who look at their marriage as a symbol of love will outlast any problems their marriage faces.

Many people have a hard time identifying what true love is. This is a sad but true fact, because it is from love that marriages get the necessary nourishment it needs to last a long time. So when the love begins to fade so will your marriage.

Fortunately there are ways you can bring the love your once shared with your partner back to life. Here a couple steps you can take to help you make the transition from a love less marriage to a marriage filled with love, which ultimately will lead to a long lasting relationship.

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1. Stop Blackmailing

When attempting to save a marriage many people look for the easiest solution, which yields a short term solution. Blackmailing usually leads to resentment that will further damage a marriage. Blackmailing is also used as a tactic to attack a person's vulnerabilities. Your partner trusted you enough to let you know their vulnerabilities in the first place, don't use it against them.

2. Nurture Your Relationship

If you do nothing to nurture a plant it will eventually die and wither away. The same is true for a marriage, in order for it to be successful and to have longevity, you have to nurture it. Find ways to continue to grow as couple and your bond for each other will grow accordingly.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want is a woman who's emotionally tough. The general consensus is that men are meant to be the tough ones in a relationship. We draw strength from women who are strong as well. Where we would like to think that we're mentally tough, we need our woman to be emotionally tough. Do you think that you're emotionally tough? I've been trying to help m wife become emotionally tougher ever since she gave birth to our baby daughter. Here's what I've been doing and the results I've been getting so far.

1. Response

I explained to my wife that response shapes your world. The way that you respond the instant something happens can change your world into something scary into something not so scary.

When I was dating her, she used to freak out at a lot of little things. Whenever I was late to pick her up from work, late to come home, whatever it was, she wouldn't be too happy about it.

Now, she takes it in her stride. She knows that those sorts of things are just trivial and not worth fussing over.

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2. Perception

She also realizes that in the long term, perception is what shapes your reality. As soon as you respond to something, your perception also changes. The only difference with perception is that it's more long-term than response.

If you perceive the world to be a good place, you're going to feel safer. You're going to give off vibes that make you easier to get along with.

She's always aware that perception from other people is not make all or break all. She used to be very aware of what people think but now she doesn't really mind what people think about her. As long as she knows what her values are, she's happy.

3. Self-Awareness

That of course leads me to my final point, which is how self-aware my wife is. I've been amazed what the level of self-awareness she exhibits now, compared to before I started talking about all this sort of stuff with her.

By changing how she responds to events in her life and how she perceives the world around her, she's now a lot more in the moment, all the time. She's not only become a better wife, but also a better person in general. I can't help but love her more, now that she's put more effort into doing that.

Self-awareness frees you from negativity and now, she controls her emotions better than ever before.

So ladies, if you don't think you're strong enough emotionally, put some effort into how you respond, your perception of the world and being aware of yourself. Your husband will be unable to keep himself away from you. You'll be that much more attractive to him!

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